Halogen to xenon Headlights


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Oct 4, 2018
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I have a 2012 8T with the boring halogen headlights. Been quoted 1600 for parts and fitting but seems a bit steep. Has anyone had theres converted to the xenons / how much did it cost? Also been quoted 1000 for both rears to be upgraded to led tails.
Well thats used parts I would guess & if new very cheap.

These are the prices to do these things, its not cheap at all.

I'd do it, but parts costs are the killer here.
I’d hold fire a little bit.

Find out how much the lights themselves cost because I’ll have a set going spare in the near future.
FYI there’s a pair of rear leds with adapter looms on A5OC classifieds for £350.

Sounds like your supplier is expensive.
Thanks for the replies, good spot Adamantium. Will be keeping a look out on the forums for them now.

Those quotes however were for new oem parts. When looking on fleabay parts normally had a little damage so gave up looking for used.
For new parts your prices are very very good.

You can’t complain about those being expensive. If you don’t like that price but want new, you’ll struggle.