1. S

    A1/S1 and aftermarket high-output headlight bulbs

    We've had high-output xenon bulbs (Osram Nightbreaker Unlimited/Laser) in several of our vehicles, including a Jag, Lexus and Mitsubishi. As such, I've been thinking I'll eventually have a pair put in my S1 as well. However, the owner of an independent Audi garage said some Audis have thrown...
  2. HELLA OEM facelift headlight

    HELLA OEM facelift headlight

    Refurbishment of some old headlights
  3. R


    Hey, just found a good offer for a complete set of PFL led headlights and was thinking of doing the retrofit. But I saw that some of the threads say that there is not much of a difference in the light intensity between xenon and Led for Pre Facelift cars. Is there anyone that can confirm this...
  4. O

    Xenon headlight alignment

    I have recently replaced the battery in my 2009 a4 B8 as well as the bulbs. It has the factory xenons. I find now that they are aiming quite high and getting a lot of people flashing me. Because I changed the battery and the lights at the same time I can work out which may have caused this, the...
  5. A

    Xenon fuse/ light bar installation

    Hi all, Does anyone know where the fuse for the high beam would be, of if there is one. Currently looking at I can't readily find it's location. I am planning to install as light bar (which comes on with high beam) and so I need to be able to tap into the signal which puts the high beam on. I...
  6. theViTALiTY

    Unable to turn off Leaving Home lights.

    Hi mates, first post here so i guess it has to be a problem of sorts :/ I own the Audi A3 2009 2.0 TDI 140HP S-Line facelift. I recently bought the VCDS and was about to do my first coding which was CH lights. Car has the bi-xenon headlights installed but no auto lights, since it has no light...
  7. alpha23

    a3 headlights

    Hi guys i am new to this forum i am looking to buy a a3 sportback 2014 2.0 tdi, i want the front headlights to look like the the same as a sline xenon ones , can i replace them with xenon ones or is there a cheaper option to make them look like sline lights thank you.
  8. William McGougan

    Wanted Xenon headlight

    Looking for a N/S (passenger) xenon headlamp for my Audi S3 8p Facelift sportback
  9. Chris Parker

    Help please....

    Iv just finished converting my a4 b7 avant from halogen to xenon headlights following the thread on here, however I cannot get my car to accept the new coding on vcds, so at the moment it's set to halogen lights w/o drls, I have been told that I need to upgrade my bcm to the latest model with...
  10. A

    Recently got in a crash in my 2007 a3 3.2L Trying to find new headlights but its impossible

    So I've been scouring the internet trying to find new headlights. I believe my car came fitted with the xenon curve headlights. This is the part number 8p0-941-003 ae. Audi wants $1300 to replace it which is ridiculous. Trying to find a replacement online isn't working. Every aftermarket light...
  11. davsin

    Xenon Headlamp fail

    Hi all, My 2002 S3 passenger headlamp Xenon unit has failed and everything points to the Ballast. I have a ballast to replace the bust one but following the threads on here it looks like a pain to replace. Question is firstly does anyone on here have one for sale as Xenon seems to be like hens...
  12. Blatzvid

    Need help! Retrofix Xenon

    Hello Everyone, I’ve decided to retrofit my ‘05 8P from Halogen to Xenon Headlights. I’ve read from many posts but im not sure if what it want is possible so here I am to ask: I want to: Buy xenon headlights (not bi-xenon) like OEM from a normal shop like Autodoc Use aftermarket bulbs and...
  13. Alin Marin

    Xenon Beam Pattern

    Hello guys. I need some help from you I've changed my xenon bulbs for my PFL A3 from Philips XenonEco something to Philips Xtreme Vision Gen2 and my beam pattern doesn't look quite right. No bright spot in the middle, the cutout is not quite straight and is not quite wide as it was before. Doesn...
  14. I

    Audi a3 2014 8v halogen to xenon headlights retrofit

    Hi everyone, I recently bought Audi a3 2014 8v m, however it is with halogen headlights. I am currently planning to retrofit bi xenon headlights, however I am not sure what parts do I need ? I have seen on ebay Hella bi xenon headlights for £350 each and it doesn’t sound too bad to me, however I...
  15. E

    Bi xenon conversion?

    Hi all, I have a 2006 8p 3 door and I'm wanting to do the xenon conversion from standard halogen. I've learnt that it's a different type of connector with one extra pin required? Are there any adapters that can be used to make this happen? Thanks
  16. Jason Barr

    Help Please LHD xenons on an RHD car? (part retrofit) B8.5

    Hi all, I have been looking at retrofitting xenons and i've managed to locate a set from an old friend in Spain for an extremely good price. Issue of course... they're from an LHD car. I know that there's a tourist option mode that converts headlight direction for driving abroad which might...
  17. Adomas G

    My ‘06 2.0TDi slow build thread

    After a few small mods here and there I reckon I might as well create a thread where I’ll be posting mods and upgrades to my A3. :) So first off, she’s a 2006 2.0 TDi Sportback. Bought in February 2017, owned and well-looked after by a close family friend before me. I am the sort of person...
  18. N

    Halogen to xenon Headlights

    I have a 2012 8T with the boring halogen headlights. Been quoted 1600 for parts and fitting but seems a bit steep. Has anyone had theres converted to the xenons / how much did it cost? Also been quoted 1000 for both rears to be upgraded to led tails.
  19. S

    Need London/Essex member's help (in return for beer tokens...)

    Alright all, so I have a decent quality HID kit however they're flickering on start up. I've metered the voltage and its between 10.9-11.5 pulsing at the H1 bulb end, same as my Vectra V6 from years ago which, just like that canbus car, I'm assuming means Xenons need activating on the A3 in VCDS...
  20. Rfclowry

    Help Please Halogen To xenon code. 2008-2009 a4 b8

    hi iv posted a few times but no one seems to have any ideas. I changed my headlights from halogen to xenon. I had them fitted into the control module but when I went to get someone to code them. the codes seem to be getting knocked back and not working, it was just reseting them when going back...