1. T

    Help Please Halogen to Bi-Xenon upgrade

    I recently got a A4 b8 facelift with halogen headlights and really like the look of the bi-xenon headlights. I’ve done a little research but find different answers everywhere. What’s the easiest way to do the upgrade? I don’t care about auto levelling or anything I legally need, I would just...
  2. Audi-12332!

    Audi A3 64 reg help

    I've bought a carista to check codes on my car as I safety system system fault message on my cars mmi. There seems to be an error with headlight aiming aswell, checking the code online points to the rear left sensor being defective. But im not sure about the airbag fault. Here is the detailed...
  3. Moltentom

    LED Headlight help needed!!

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum and was wondering if anyone could help. The sidelight/daytime running light recently went on my Audi (8v 2014). The issue is that the previous owner has retrofitted to the Hella LED headlights (picture attached) in which the sidelight isn't a bulb and is instead...
  4. H

    Q3 Q3 Headlight DRL

    Hi, Looking for some advice as I'm at a bit of a dead end here. I have a 2016 Audi Q3 and the passenger side upper DRL has gone dim. It hasn't totally turned off and the indicator still works. I have switched over the modules from the headlights to one and other and the problem still...
  5. 8

    Headlight Cap Cover

    Hi, I am looking for both headlight Cap covers but unsure with part numbers. It's for a prefacelift and not sure if they are the same as the facelift. Also not sure if the halogen and the xenons would be the same. I have attached a couple pics of the part numbers I have found. Just looking...
  6. A

    Audi A1 Bi Xenons Incorrect Beam Pattern

    Hey guys, i've seen it posted on here before but no one ever really, from what i can see, ended up giving a conclusive answer to the question. I've had bi xenons installed (retrofitted) onto my car and the beam pattern is incorrect, showing as left hand drive. i was wondering how i change it...
  7. alpha23

    a3 headlights

    Hi guys i am new to this forum i am looking to buy a a3 sportback 2014 2.0 tdi, i want the front headlights to look like the the same as a sline xenon ones , can i replace them with xenon ones or is there a cheaper option to make them look like sline lights thank you.
  8. WalkerBW

    Brake light / headlight wrapping

    Afternoon all! Weather depending, I'm looking at wrapping my brake lights and or headlights this weekend with either a light smoke or a light matt black finish. Are there any threads on here for tips and tricks etc? I've watched a number of tutorials so feel fairly confident in giving it a...
  9. Blatzvid

    Need help! Retrofix Xenon

    Hello Everyone, I’ve decided to retrofit my ‘05 8P from Halogen to Xenon Headlights. I’ve read from many posts but im not sure if what it want is possible so here I am to ask: I want to: Buy xenon headlights (not bi-xenon) like OEM from a normal shop like Autodoc Use aftermarket bulbs and...
  10. y15usf

    Half of car lights not working

    OK this is gonna be a hard one to explain. So once in a while my car will do this thing where at the back left tail lights would stop working and at the front the front right side headlight, indicator and fog light would stop working as well. So an example of this is last night happened...
  11. GJGT A3

    A3 8p projector upgrade

    Hi All just bought some osram xenarc nightbreaker lasers for £150 on the grounds that they are the brightest bulbs on the market currently. So far they're pretty average. I am looking at upgrading the projector. Can anyone tell me the size or recommend a d3s upgrade. Also do my new HID bulbs...
  12. S

    Adaptive headlight fault - HELP!

    I have a fault with the adaptive headlight on my 2010 A3 8p. It seems that the left headlight has looked left, then not looked back again, so it is now lighting up the bushes, but not the road. This is accompanied by a dash fault warning. I have today removed the bumper and headlight, swapped...
  13. Alin Marin

    Xenon Beam Pattern

    Hello guys. I need some help from you I've changed my xenon bulbs for my PFL A3 from Philips XenonEco something to Philips Xtreme Vision Gen2 and my beam pattern doesn't look quite right. No bright spot in the middle, the cutout is not quite straight and is not quite wide as it was before. Doesn...
  14. F

    Headlight washer part number help

    Hi all, I’m hoping you can help me find a part number for part of the headlight washer system, where I’ve identified the source of my leak to be a completely broken 90 degree joint. One side appears to be held in place with a metal clamp while the other clips onto a white plastic nozzle. I’ll...
  15. R

    Audi A4 question..

    Hi, I was wondering.. I have a 2009 Audi A4 SE model 143bhp etc.. I want to put in Audi A4 s-line headlights is this possible?? Thanks in advance.
  16. E

    Bi xenon conversion?

    Hi all, I have a 2006 8p 3 door and I'm wanting to do the xenon conversion from standard halogen. I've learnt that it's a different type of connector with one extra pin required? Are there any adapters that can be used to make this happen? Thanks
  17. Rfclowry

    Audib8 A4 2009 coding problem

    hi I have a problem with coding my headlights back to standard halogen. I did have upgraded Xenons put in but I’m changing back for MOT ( no high beam ). The new Codes seem to be accepting then when going back in they don’t seem to have changed. Any ideas. Also anyone have the standard halogen...
  18. N

    Halogen to xenon Headlights

    I have a 2012 8T with the boring halogen headlights. Been quoted 1600 for parts and fitting but seems a bit steep. Has anyone had theres converted to the xenons / how much did it cost? Also been quoted 1000 for both rears to be upgraded to led tails.
  19. MrShiny

    Audi A3 8V PF to FL Matrix LED

    Hi guys, Ive just recently bought a Audi A3 1.6 8V PFL and im doing a full S3 conversion on it, most parts are bought apart from the dynamic tail lights and alloys. The car is currently in the bodyshop getting painted. My question here is... I have bought the FL Matrix LED headlights but im...
  20. L

    Left Dipped Headlight/Main Beam Headlight - Level Sensor issue

    I have a 2011 A5 2.0 TDI Quattro, recently i noticed my left dipped headlight switching off after a minute or two, and was getting the "left dipped headlight/main beam headlight" warning on my dashboard along with the yellow bulb with a red cross through it. It was being recalled to Audi for...