S5 3.0tfsi oil


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Jul 14, 2014
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Hey Comrads!

Hope you and your audis are perfec

Got my sportback 2 weeks ago now and while in dealership on a purchase day I was probably too excited.. i did some test did a diagnostics asked about the oil and been told that "service was just done yesterday" ..well you could clearly see the oily spots (fresh oil) so yes it looked like somebody spilled the oil while adding it... so I did not bothered to open air filter box as everything was shining... well I ve done it this weekend and was shocked (pic to follow).. I found original filter inside:sadlike:
So I thought wtf, I cant trust "just serviced yesterday" and I am so gutted that now i dont know at all how it used to be looked after... probably just oil changes... its on 56k... so Ive booked s tronic oil procedure at Audi next week and going to change the engine oil + all filters myself. Therefore, i ve read a lot about recommended engine oil bit still cant decide wether to go for 0w40 Mobil or Shell 5w40? What guys you put in yours? Many thanks in advance!


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Have you been using your car to clean your garden.

That's shocking. It takes seconds to change the filter.

Recommended oil for the 3.0 is 5w 30. I started to use 5w 40 due to a bit of oil consumption, but I will be going back to the 5w 30 as there has been no change.
There is negligible difference between 0w and 5w in this country. The other reason (apart from microleaks) to use w40 is to reduce cam wear, which happened to the B5, but I have not read this is a problem for the B8 engine.
Roadrunner146, yeah man, I dont understand why it was never ever changed (service book is stamped with audi official dealer stamps until 49k!!! So it doesnt make any sense to me! These machines needs extra attention and care so they could stay alive longer... just not going to start this conversation here... anyways, thanks for your replies, but any specific BRAND you could recommend please? I'm not considering Castrol at all tho due to a so so feedback and stuff like Bardhal is a little bit too costy so Shell? Opinions?
looks like it sucked in everything including the neighbors dog!
I would be inclined to have them cover some of the new service cost :)
Castrol Edge Professional Longlife III 5W30 fully synthetic is the recommended oil. That's what i was told anyway.