S5 3.0tfsi Oil clarification


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Feb 10, 2015
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Hampshire, UK
Hay, I have googled and pretty sure it is 6.2 litres of 5w40 I need for an oil change on the v6 supercharged s5.
But I did see people stating they use 5w30 (which i have plenty of already from the old a4).

I think I will stick to the 5w40 but only if that is what it is meant to be as I struggled to clarify which was preference and which was genuine factory recommendation.
This is just a mid year oil change as its full service history but covered 6k since the last oil change and do a fair few short journeys, so would rather drain off with my oil extractor pump between services and fill some fresh oil and filter (is sump removal service when mdm do it yearly dont panic)

Please feel free to brain fart below on the matter :)
I do my own oil changes in my 2016 S5 V6 3.0 TFSI. I use 5W-30 (same as main dealer) and the capacity is 6.9 litres.

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Thanks @HTB
I emailed MDMTechnik who does my services to keep the FSH (this change is just me being pedantic and not wanting oil over 6k in this kind of car, was serviced 6 months ago).
He confirmed as you say 5w30.
Interestingly I did read people switching to 5w40 to reduce cam wear which is an interesting thought. Perhaps when this car starts to get notable mileage or I give in for the MRC stage 2 package.. might be worth considering!
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I know cam wear was a problem on the B5 2.7tt but I have yet to read any reports of it on the 3.0TFSI - do you have any references/links to share?

I remember when I switched from 0W30 to 0W40 on my B5 the average oil temp did rise a few degrees.
OK, but in the first one I stated "The other reason (apart from microleaks) to use w40 is to reduce cam wear, which happened to the B5, but I have not read this is a problem for the B8 engine." and in the second "I have probably posted this before but Audi originally specified 0W30 for the B5 but then there were cases of premature cam wear and so most people, myself included, started to use xW40 instead." I have no idea if there are cam wear issues in the B8 because I still have not seen any reports. But consider that the 3.0V6 is an evolution of the 3.2V6 which was not an evolution of the 2.7V6 so there's no reason to believe that it has a cam wear problem.
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Thoughts on Comma oil?
Gone to order my oil and filter from my parts guy, who says I should consider comma as an oil brand, they are the same company who make mobil..

although FYI euros right now have 45% off so 8 litres of castrol edge is £68.
mdm technik recommend fuch's as an OE brand.