I want to buy an A4 which model is best?


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Jun 17, 2016
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Hi there looking for some advice please guys I am new to the site!! :)

I am thinking about buying an A4 2.0 (138bhp) TDI s line 2007 Avant with the multitronic gear box (CVT box). Having done some research on the net you would think it was the worst car in the world to buy!!! Always the same isn't it you cut your finger so look up the net how to stop the bleeding an before you know it you got 6 months to live!!

Anyway I read about problems with the oil pump starving the engine due to poor design and causing massive engine failure, however looking into It is this only on earlier models 2005 etc. was the problem rectified or was it still an issue on the 2007 model. What should I be looking out for on the car it has just had the timing belt and water pump changed at 85k miles now has 91k miles. it is front wheel drive model also with the auto box is the issue been fixed I had an S6 2001 model few years ago and the auto box failed £3k to fix this car due to the setup with the clutch plates which Audi upgraded from 6 to 7. It also has the flappy paddles on the steering wheel and all my Audi's I have driven were all auto's with no issues apart from the S6 but to be fair 170k miles before it went!. ( Audi 100 1994, A6 2.6 V6 1996, A6 2.4 V6 2000 and lastly the S6 4.2 V8 2001.)

I know mainly that only what is on the net are always going to be moans and groans about cars no rarely comes on and writes about how amazing their car is!!!! And not many for sale be honest were I live either they are in the carpark in the sky or driving so well the owner will keep it.

So is the 2007 A4 ok or does it still have issues? I have also seen the older B6 1.9 TDI Quattro manaul for sale as well so a bit torn but the 2007 is more modern with Sat Nav etc...

Advice would be great on what to look out for.


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A simple suggestion, go for A6 or A7 rather than A4.
I guess they will minimize your number of questions and number of doubts.
I have the exact car, a4 2.0tdi 140 fwd multitronic. Was a good car had no problems up till I sold it at 165k. Its not the quickest but for a daily cruiser its ok.

Have a manual if you can gearbox with the 170 tdi is alot better.
Personally I would steer clear of the multichronic gearbox, they are a liability. Most of the autos you have had have probably been traditional auto tiptronic type gearboxes. These are more reliable than the multichronic boxes.
i wouldnt touch a multitronic.

The 2.0 TDI oil pump issues are well documented. If the pump drive fails and you stop the engine immediately, the engine will be fine. The engine failures happen because idiots continue driving the car with no oil pressure, because they fail to understand the big red warning light means stop immediately, not continue driving to the services or to the garage, or back to the house as its only a mile away.
Cheers guys think the multitronic is no go after a quick search on google!!! Costly :( thinking about petrol now too as even the newer TDI's still have the same problems as the 2005 models oil driven chain, something about the hexagon rod rounding of causing damage as well you can't win!
Shame about the auto box's all my old Audi's were auto's and the S6 box went with 180k miles on it so can't complain really!! Can't beat an auto but the CVT is awash with issues on google such a shame Audi ruined it loved cruising with the auto box such a nice drive.
Worked it out and I would only save about £500-£600 a year if I went diesel but at the back of my mind is the oil pump going at any time really as you can't inspect it I drive a non euro car at the moment wish I hadn't bought it but my old S6 was past it's best and costing a fortune in repairs but I am no better in the car I am in at the moment to be honest every car will have issues and cost money just a fact of life.
Other option is the last of the 1.9 tdi with Quattro but hard to find and I read hardly any issues with that engine pretty bullet proof pity Audi didn't just stay with that setup in the 1st of the new B7 A4's.