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Sep 14, 2015
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Afternoon guys, the pipe from the side of the "hockey puck" to underneath the inlet had a split in it and when i went to remove to see if it could be replaced totally shattered and fell to bits in my hand. To save oil residue getting every where i have put a piece of cloth over both open ends, will this have a detremental affect on anything running wise and how quickly does it need to be addressed?

Thanks in advance
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It will introduce an air leak, unmetered air is not good, fix asap.
Ok thanks for the response, what could the possible outcome be out of interest?

That sounds about right, didnt know if it was just me but i suspected a slight drop in mpg when driven the same and also feeling a little under powered.
Does anyone know the part number by any chance???

Cheers matt
its made of something a bit like bakerlite, when mine crumbled I managed to gaffer tape it together until a pcv delete. you might just find that when you try and disconnect the other end that snaps off the end of the next bit, etc etc.
Yes its a strange type of material used i cant understand why its not just rubber like the majority.
I see your point about other bits snapping if i try and remove them and i have looked at the pvc delete thread before but im not 100% confident to try it my self as i dont want to remove something i shouldnt.
Mine is a BAM engine and im sure ive read somewhere in that thread it was on the AUM engine correct me if im wrong.
Plenty of people have done the PCV delete with a BAM, up to you though. Simple enough to do, take your time and follow the steps.

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its actually simpler on the BAM and AMK than the detailed guide, although the dipstick holder will break they are £3 from GSF and you need a catch can and somewhere to mount it and silicon hoses and a few connectors and clips etc. it takes a couple of hours also you tend to think there is more room than there actually is.

you might also find the plastic cover bolts are seized and you will break that trying to get that off too. oh the Audi S3 joys :)
Ok thanks, how is it simpler on the BAM? Is there less to take off? Id usually tackle any job i just dont want to remove something i shouldnt and it have a detrimental affect lol
I think the AUM screen shots requires a block of unnecessary vacuum to the brake servo. AMK and BAM you just put the one pipe into the inlet manifold, after removing the 3 pipe branch.