a6 c6 3ltr tdi auto no communication ecu key lights anything need help


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Jan 21, 2014
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Highlands Scotland
Hi there everyone been a while away from the Forum recently sold my b6 a4 and had a vectra for last couple months to tide me over for my new car which is a 2005 3ltr diesel auto which now won't start went out one day put the key in and lights came on for ingnition went to turn over then nothing wouldn't start then ever since then there's been nothing no lights on the dash won't turn over won't do anything checked the battery all the fuses and still nothing can't vag com in dosent comincate with anything any ideas would be much appreciated
Sounds like you have some major power issue if you are not getting any lights on the dash.
Could be the ignition switch, main power relay, a fusible link on the main power feed or something similar.
VAG-COM won't work if you have a major power failure.