A6 C6 2006 3.0 TDI injectors need changing - advice please!!!


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May 30, 2006
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Well took car to garage today and 3 of the injectors are no good, they have said I should do all 6 which is what most people say. I have been quoted £2000 to do fitted which is way more than I can afford but seems like a fair price compared to other stories. I have even tried to see if I can recondition but apparently with the piezo injectors this is not possible. I'm thinking even of ebay and 2nd hand, maybe ringing some salvage places. Has anybody else had this happen or any ideas???? Thanks as I'm thinking I may have to sell my car unless I can work out a cheaper solution.
I've spent days on the internet and no further really so any suggestions greatly received. I will call him tomorrow. Thanks
can you not soak them in injector cleaner? or get cleaned by ultrasonics?
everybody says that you can not clean, once they are gone they are dead!! I have found them new on ebay and I even have found 6 second hand but they want nearly £500.00 and they are the same part number as what is in the car so they are 5 years old....not really worth the risk! The part number has now been upgraded a few times as bosch change them. Has no one else had injector issues??
my warranty guy at Audi in convo about the 170's injector issues told me the 3.0 didn't suffer from the same problem at all and it was the best engine in his opinion, that Audi did...... sounds like your unlucky as your the first i've seen since researching
defo not the case, yes to great engine, pulls like a train and great mpg but the injectors have a problem. The BMK engine code has already had its injector part number changed about 4 times. If you search the forums it comes up quite alot!! I had white smoke at tick over so searched the forums and knew my issue before I even went to the garage. Unfortunately the garage confirmed the expensive problem.
are their any better injectors that you found or did they cure it later on?
If would go for the 6 @£500 at least that will give you spares are you able to swap them yourself?
the injectors are improved as Bosch learn from their mistakes, we are basically doing the R and D on the road. To be fair the injector does an amazing job and they can test them but there's nothing like 5 years and 80000 to really test them. Audi have changed the part number I think 4 times so each time an improvement i guess. My problem is the 2nd hand ones are the same part number therefore I'm not going to take the risk as the garage can tell me nothing about the mileage of car they came out of and its £200.00 to fit. Not able to fit myself as they need to be coded to the ECU. Still searching the internet for 2nd hand but newer part numbers WITH history. The part numbers in date order of oldest 1st is 059 130 277 AB, 059 130 277 BA, 059 130 277 AH and latest is 059 130 277 BD or 059 130 277 AX when you exchange them.
do you have the dates they changed each time to the newer ones?
Fair enough, if you were able to change yourself then no problem, if you have to get the garage to do the job then you could be just chucking good money away. Good luck on the search
Not sure on the dates they were changed. The car still drives, its just at tick over its an issue. Hopefully I'll find some soon.
not sure, I may have found some second hand and I'm going to let my garage do the coding if any??
are you saying instal myself? Maybe worth a try but not sure? The garage only said to me that I MUST by the right ones and that not ALL injectors will fit. I have certainly found that even for the 3.0 TDI there are a few engine codes and they are not all the same.
FOUND SOME!!! with the latest code, arrived this morning and garage has put them in. All seems good so far!!! Took ages on ebay ringing loads of people but cost £700.00 all in FITTED!
I don't want to jinx it but car still good, I think success!!! I think I was lucky to find the injectors I did as I'm sure some breakers would sell you anything so I'm not saying it will always work but I'm a happy bunny.
I am having extactly the same experience as you have had with your injectors crispin. Audi told me that, on my 2006 A6 3.0TDI Avant Engine code : BMK Two of the injectors are faulty and recommend replacing all of them. The quoted repair costs amounted 64 000 ZAR (thats around 5000pounds) which is offcourse too much for me. I have traced down a new set of injectors on e-bay (059130277BD)

What i would like to know from you is, DID the injectors have to be coded to the ECU or not?
I would like to do this myself.
Your response would be highly appreciated
Hi, sorry to hear you are having same issue, Audi should help more as there is a issue with these injectors, I did loads of research and was lucky in finding latest code 2nd hand. The injectors did have to be coded and my local garage over the road fitted them for £100.00, I don't think its a hard job, what part of the UK are you in, my guy is very helpful and he is in TW8 in West London.
Hi Crispin - who did you use to do the work as Ihave a similar problem? Where did you get the injectors? Philip
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Hi Philip, I found 2nd hand ebay as new was too much for me, above in the thread you'll find the model numbers, go for the later ones, any garage should be able to fit. Cris
The part numbers in date order of oldest 1st is 059 130 277 AB, 059 130 277 BA, 059 130 277 AH and latest is 059 130 277 BD or 059 130 277 AX when you exchange them.

Thanks for the useful thread. I too seem to need new injectors on my A8 3.0TDI ASB due to grey smoke at idle.
Mine are 'AB' suffix from early 2006. They are the original ones with 190,000 miles, so have not done bad.
I have been searching ebay etc... and there are so many suffix versions.
Some are quite a bit cheaper (£881 vs £1500), but seem to be only for/approved for 2008> on models.
Same VAG part number but different suffix. I wonder if the later ones are compatible?

Audi A4 A6 A8 Q7 VW Touareg Bosch Injector 059130277AH 059130277BD 0445115079 | eBay VAG 059130277AH BOSCH 0445115079
6 neu Bosch Audi Q7 VW Touareg 3.0 TDI einspritzdüse injektor CATA Blue motion | eBay VAG 059130277AM BOSCH 0445117005

Thanks for any info, Richard
I think rev BD is the last compatible ones... this is from my own deduction on EPC... plus later 3.0 TDi had DPF's thus you would think ECU has different software/setup...

I also saw this interesting post on another forum... confirming what I had thought when checking my injectors before getting chain rattle fixed on my car... Link:- Injectors mystery

Just to give you example below are part no for injectors used and when dropped because of issues/better manufacture etc for my A6 3.0 TDi Engine code BMK Injectors (currently mine are 059 130 277 S, must be orig.)

059 130 277 S
059 130 277 Q DROPPED 01/06/2005
059 130 277 AA DROPPED 01/06/2006
059 130 277 AB DROPPED 01/09/2006
059 130 277 AH DROPPED 01/04/2009
059 130 277 BD Current part since 09 (these apply to BMK BNG ASB engine codes)
[/URL]Just to give you example below are part no for injectors used and when dropped because of issues/better manufacture etc for my A6 3.0 TDi Engine code BMK Injectors (currently mine are 059 130 277 S, must be orig.)

Thanks for the information. I am now certain you are correct and people on other forums and sellers on ebay are incorrect.
I have augmented your list of injector nozzles and then done a lot of cross-referencing to find which fuel pressure regulator they are sold with on vehicles and then looked at the pressure specification. I could not find them all, but I have posted below what I found.
As you can see, the injectors may look similar, if not identical apart from the number of ports in the nozzle being increased.
I presume as the holes are smaller they need higher pressure to atomise the fuel and give sufficient delivery.
Thanks. Looks like I need the 3x more expensive 1600 BAR units.

059 130 277 S 1600 BAR
059 130 277 Q 1600 BAR DROPPED 01/06/2005
059 130 277 AA 1600 BAR DROPPED 01/06/2006
059 130 277 AB 1600 BAR DROPPED 01/09/2006
059 130 277 AH 1600 BAR DROPPED 01/04/2009
059 130 277 AJ
059 130 277 AK
059 130 277 BA 1600 BAR
059 130 277 BB
059 130 277 BD 1600 BAR Current part since 09 (BMK BNG ASB)

059 130 277 AN 1800 BAR 2007- CASA (EU4+ & EU5)
059 130 277 AP 1800 BAR 2009-
059 130 277 AR 1800 BAR 2009-
059 130 277 BE 1800 BAR 2009-
059 130 277 BN

059 130 277 AM 2000 BAR 2007- CATA Bluemotion (EU5)
059 130 277 CC 2000 BAR
059 130 277 CD 2000 BAR
059 130 277 CJ
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