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Apr 12, 2012
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hi i went down to inters on the sunday and saw a couple of s3's running and what sort of times people were getting and at what stage of tune they are
I didn't do inters but I have done a few runs in my car.

Relentless V3 Manifold
3 Inch down pipe
2.5 Inch exhaust
Phenolic inlet spacer
Pre throttle water/methanol injection
Post throttle methanol injection
IE Ultimate High flow head kit (But running on standard cams)
Large Port. CNC Ported head. My design. Combustion chambers untouched in shape just polished.
JE pistons. 81.5mm bore 9.25:1 static compression. Coated Skirt.
IE riffle drilled connecting rods
Sachs performance SMF with Stintered clutch.
Wavetrac front differential
Vibratechnics competition engine mounts all round

Think that's all the relevant mods?

Was making 251g/s @ 310hp on my rollers. 316 on Bill`s. That was when it had a hand ported head. Standard pistons and no post throttle injection and a standard clutch. Previous owner put in a sachs clutch. I replaced it with the smf kit from sachs.

Before anyone wonders why bill only got it to 316hp with such a spec it was because the car at the time had an original clutch and thus was slipping. Not a reflection upon his ability.

Its now making 296g/s Power wise. Not sure as my display has gone down. But perhaps 360-370hp as a peak figure.

12.8 @ 110mph at Santa pod.

However I'm hoping for it to be running a high 10 low 11 with the next round of modifications.
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Is the car fully loaded still ie heated seats or is that stripped was gonna take mine down at inters but on the way my clutch had a little slip in 6th and I thought I need this clutch to last a bit longer till I can afford an updated one even still 12.8 is an impressive time from what I have seen the fastest stage2+ ed 30s ran 12.8
I went to northwield rwyb yesterday and done a 13.99 at 99mph. I have a 2001 amk stage 1 1/2 with gs's making 268bhp
That's a good time similar to my power at the mo gotta fit my fmic then more maps 13s are possible then :)
Thanks I was very happy with it, I done three runs a 13.99, 14.03 and 14.12 very consistent. What do you have done? Front mount is a fun job I thought
Just to add I have full leather, heated seats, jack and spare wheelers left in. baby seat and a few odds and sodds were in the boot also
Luckily the front mount I have is 2nd hand should take me about 1 hr :) at the mo I have 3" tip jr filter 3" turbo back exhaust and 200 cell cat and mapped by Bill @ badger5
Couple years ago Westy got low 13s with his at the time record breaking 300hp ko4. Stacey got even lower, nearly into the 12s with an MTM setup, ~340hp.
Full weight. A set of R888`s and stepping off the clutch at 5000rpm. 800mbar of boost on launch control certainly helps. I don't care about breaking things, that goes a long way to producing a decent time.

Still want to see if I can get it to beat what my old skyline used to do on the 1/4. 11.1 to beat....Tall order for an S3 I think.

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