Anyone upgraded their 3.0 TDI downpipe?


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Jul 9, 2013
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I made sure I bought the non-DPF version of the car, but there's still a giant cat or two on the downpipe.
Has anyone had these replaced with a new downpipe, or has images of what the stock one looks like when it's not fitted?

I can't really get a decent image of the beast, but here's an effort.

I would just gut them rather than replacing them. POtentially run into issues at the MOT if the tester wants too he could fail the car if it has no cats when it should have them fitted from new. And they would know that the car should have some kind of cat.

One will be the empty DPF cannister mate as on some models they still fitted the cannister without the internal gubbings. If your looking at de-cat sceanrio you may have to amend the map to extinguish the EML light which should illuminate if a de-cat pipe is fitted and as stated by desertstorm MOT failure. Alot of my customers with heavily modified S3's are fitting quick release clamps for removing the de-cat pipe and refitting the cat when it comes to MOT time......maybe worth looking into.
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