Audi a4/a5 3.0 TDI 350 bhp


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Jun 28, 2017
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So i've been looking at BMW 3 series 3 liter diesel before i just recently heard some sweet a4/a5s on youtube. The v6 is something i really want because of the sound. ( supersprint for example)

I'm new to the audi world however and would like to save some time on research by asking you guys on here.

Im after an a4/5 -09 model 3.0 TDI. What exactly is the difference in the 204 bhp and 240 bhp model engine? i've heard rumours about different injectors, camshaft and even turbos. The 3.0 TDIs are all v6 engines right?

I'm planning on tuning it to about 350 bhp 750 nm thereabouts and would like to know which one of these to build on. Its going to be a quattro and for now automatic, reason is the 6hp28 gearbox which i know will handle the torque, atleast for some time(rated 700 nm but using ZFs 1.6 SF= 1100 nm) and i have no information about the manual as of now.

The 6hp can be flashed using xHP in the BMW, is there any software similar to this that can be used to improve shift times and earlier converter lock-up?

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Stick with the 240hp model - capa or ccwa
I've only seen capa in manual.

Both above engines come with a 2260vk which is a decent base for a hybrid unit to make 400hp plus.

Gearbox tuning is not so easy I've looked into the file and its a nightmare over 100 shift maps.

Manual and TIP boxes can take 900nm
Bobby what's about the 6hp19? Max torque is really 450nm max?(3.0tdi BMk)

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I've taken them to 680 to 700nm so far without issue.
I have done phaeton with a 6hp 19 with approx 420hp with 700nm(peak)
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Thank You

Nice job congratulation

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Thanks alot for the reply bobby. It does look like im going for a 240 hp after all because of the bigger turbo. Hybrid is what im shooting for.

How long will a 6hp28 live? Comparing 60 000 mile cars and 175 000 mile cars is a big difference in terms of money so im considering buying an autobahn driven. It feels like a gamble though, since the 175k mark is where things start to break on cars generally.