Removed instrument cluster now speedo jumping


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Nov 20, 2013
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So, today I thought I'd try and fix my dodgy LCD in the instrument cluster. I was following a guide I found on the interwebs but I only got as far as removing the speedo needle before realising I could get to the LCD without removing the dials. Pulling all the needles off is a horrible idea.

Anyway... All put back together, plugged back in, LCD still broken but now, when you turn the ignition on and start the engine the speedo needle jumps around from before 0 to about 5mph for about 5 seconds. Whilst it is doing this, none of the other needles register so tacho, temp, petrol gauges don't work. It then settles and the other gauges kick in. It works as normal after this.

I took the cluster out and cleaned up contacts but this issue is still there. As everything seems to work otherwise, it's not too big a deal but something has obviously changed. It's as if it's calibrating or something?

It does the same thing when you switch the engine off.

Anyone seen this before? Is this normal if you remove the cluster and plug it back in?
Got no help sorry but have you got a link to the guide?

I was looking at this: Audi A3 8L Dash Display Dead Pixel Repair Guide | BlogIT

But, I'm regretting trying it now. It didn't work for me. I used an adhesive foam strip to try and put some pressure on the screen surround. Mine must have a damaged ribbon.

You can remove the metal cover on the LCD without removing all the dials, which is what I did. I did remove the speedo needle though and now I seem to have this problem so be careful!
Nope only way mate unless you have a fault code reader?
Dont waste your time trying to add pressure on the lcd screen. You need a new one. How exactly did you remove the needles? Anticlockwise rotate whilst gently lifting?
Dont waste your time trying to add pressure on the lcd screen. You need a new one. How exactly did you remove the needles? Anticlockwise rotate whilst gently lifting?

Indeed, it was a waste of time and I now have this other problem.

I actually pried that one off as twisting it felt wrong. They are just held on by friction which wasn't explained anywhere that I looked. I'm worried I've damaged something now. It's not really causing a problem but I would like it fixed along with the LCD. A refurb or replacement may be in order.

I'm looking in to VCDS and recoding other instrument clusters...
Anyone knows how to resolve this issue? It happend to me today....
From memory you need to do a calibration of the needles, cluster via VCDS.
I don’t think you can calibrate all the needles with VCDS (well not the water temp gauge anyway). I had my instrument cluster apart the other week. I had an issue with my brand new replacement cluster - the temp gauge needle was not quite showing 90 when it should have been. To calibrate the needle I just rotated it anti-clockwise and reconnected the cluster back in to the vehicle. Using VCDS you can then perform an output test where the needles all go to a pre-determined position (RPM 3000 / water temp 90 / fuel half / speed 100kmh). If that test shows your needles in slightly different positions then the only way I know of “calibrating” is to continue to keep rotating the needle anti clockwise and keep refitting to car in a trial/error sort of situation. This method worked for the water temp gauage. You can calibrate the fuel gauge with VCDS. As for the speed/RPM gauge I don’t know if it’s possible with VCDS, but you could try doing some rotating of the needle to get the speed to read more accurately.