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  • Howssssss it goin mate long time no see, just thought I would log in as I a, back in an audi but I live in miami now juss, what have you been upto, what have I missed
    Ohhh my, Jase ive just logged back into ASN and seen this message lol....never too late to reply is it!!! Hows things? You still in Miami then?
    Hi Juss,

    Yes i can get access to vag com, I can borrow a lead from a mate at work. I live on East Sussex coast. My skills with vag com are pretty limited, i performed a few scans a couple of months ago but that is about it. I have seen a few threads on throttle body alignment but they were for A3's but said it would cover all Audis on dbw. Whe i bought the car it had battery probs so I got a new battery and it says on the threads that you should do a throttle body alignment (which can only be done via vagcom) after installing a new battery. Could this be the case and how hard is it to perform this TBA reset.

    Many Thanks,
    Hello ryan,

    Have you got access to a Vagcom??Where are you based mate??
    A faulty throttle could be down to alot of things really, Ive heard of some just packing up completely. Some just need a good clean then realigning but the symptoms you've explained could mean a dodgy throttle.If it was the throttle valve then chances are the car wouldnt even start but seeing as your does then id say the first thing you want to look at (apart from getting it scanned with Vagcom) is take it off and give it a good clean. I cant remember where it is but there was a thread that tells you exactly how to do it, really aint has hard as you think seriously. Somethings cutting out the power to the rev range somehow but im not really clued up with these throttles to be honest. I took a chance with mine and turned out the New switch and the throttle clean sorted my issue out!

    Defo need to get it scanned though!

    Cheers, Juss
    Thanks J7USS, thanks for your reply,

    Will change the clutch switch if i think I can manage it.
    So you could still rev the engine if you depressed the clutch. A lot of the time when I depress the clutch and blip the throttle nothing happens but if I was to blip the throttle with the car in gear it is fine, but when I put my foot on the clutch and do it most of the time nothing happens. When you say faulty throttle what does that consist of?
    Sorry so many questions.


    Hello mate, sorry for the delay, Ive only just noticed I had a PM.

    Theres a few threads :


    I cant find the more detailed one either but its like it says in the thread mate, dead easy to change and cheap enough to give a try.

    As for your issue, mine still rev'd when clutch was pressed (if thats what you mean?) but every B6 ive had Ive changed the switch because they are cheap enough (around £13.00 IIRC)

    Hope you sort it mate but by sounds of it, it could be a faulty throttle if you are having to reset it.
    let me know how you get on.
    Cheers, Juss
    Hi J7USS. I hope you don't mind me asking you a question directly, I have a problem with over revving when the clutch is depressed, the car is a B6 S4 manual. I have seen somewhere on the B6 forum you have posted how to change the clutch switch. I can't find your in-depth method but i know i have seen it before.I have been searching and searching but no joy. If you have time would you be able to find it for me. Would be very much appreciated if you could.

    Also, when you have had problems with your clutch switch, if you depressed the clutch and blipped the throttle would it not rev at all, almost as though you weren't blipping the throttle at all.

    Also, I found on the forum a few months ago someone had posted a sequence for resetting the throttle pedal calibration and this seemed to help for a couple of months but i am now doing this reset most days.

    Many thanks in advance,

    Hi could I ask what company did you get to remap your 190? Just got a 190 s line and want to get it remaped but not sure who to use. Dont want a harsh remap who do you think will be best to remap it for me? Cheers nozdog
    Hi mate
    I know someone on RS246 who's getting rid of his B7 RS4 front discs if you're interested? I've asked how much he's looking for, hasn't answered yet...

    Let me know...
    Door blades are up for sale £190 and there yours will be advertising them from Sunday
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