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2008 Audi TT Roadster MK2 (8J) Top Will Not Open

Mike Williams Feb 24, 2019

  1. Mike Williams

    Mike Williams Registered User

    Car is fully operational except for convertible top which is closed on car and will not open. Pulling switch E137 (or convenience opening with key) starts the top opening cycle successfully. Door glasses are lowered several inches, the convertible top lock is unlocked and top opens several inches, and the electric motor on hydraulic pump in the trunk can be heard humming. However, the cycle abruptly stops. Pushing switch E137 causes the convertible top to lower back to fully closed position and re-locks. I plan to check the level of fluid in the hydraulic unit, which is difficult to access (behind driver's seat in luggage compared, hidden under lining). Any other suggestions would be welcomed.
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  3. AlexA4Avant

    AlexA4Avant Registered User

    You may need to reset the cycle with the lock key that is situated behind the driver's door panel when you open it. You have to do it all manually and it may reset it I had to do it on my dad's a4

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  4. Mike Williams

    Mike Williams Registered User

    Thank you for your response. The problem has gotten worse now with my TT soft top. When I pulled switch E37 yesterday, nothing happened. The roof did not release, windows did not come down and no noise from the main motor. I also got a message on the dash stating that "soft top was not available for use". This is all new. I have set up an appointment with a shop for next week. The car is still under warranty for work that this shop did on the top last August (2018) in which they "diagnosed convertible top functions and replaced rear flapper motor on driver's side" for astronomical price of ca. $500. Hopefully, this is the same problem again and will be covered by warranty. I will keep you posted of their findings.

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