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  • Hi there, fitting a new ABS Pump Module at the weekend. DO you still have the VCDS to clear faults and re program the ABS?

    I live in Diss and I have just ordered a RNS-E to retrofit to my 2006 Audi A3, do you still have a VagCom and able to code for me?


    Hello, I live in Diss also and just need a engine fault code cleared, just changed the PCV on my A3 and it put up a fault code when it went. Thanks Jon
    Hi I have audi a6 2009 tdi would like to do reset service light swipe thing when you start up and enabling hidden menu I'm living in thetford so not far away
    And how much you charge

    I'm in Stowmarket and have a slightly modified A6 (C7) 3.0 BiTDi Avant that I'd like to make some other changes through the VCDS. I have a list of the changes and where to make them in the software but is this something you'd be able to help me with please?


    Hello, Just found you on the vcds map, think we've spoken before a while ago.
    Would you be able to code in a new central convenience module for me when I get one, seems mines not shutting down and draining the battery, don't think I can do it with just vcds lite..
    If you can do it for a few bob or beers could you let me know please, you can text me on 07833 913637 if easier..
    Following the VCDS map, you're the nearest person to me as I'm in the village of Stanton down the A143. I'm hoping you could help me programme my car (2003 A4 Cabriolet) to automatically lock the doors and boot lid when moving off and also code in another remote fob for me.
    From the other messages, beer tokens seems to be the currency but happy to use alternative if that suits.
    0776 776 3322
    hi Sandra sent me a link to you to hopefully get my cruise switched on for a few beer tokens,I'm in Sheringham if you can't get hold of me on here I wonder if you could txt me on 07737751670 thanx
    Thanks for your reply mate, I'll get in touch with Barry, Wareham is quite a bit nearer. Perverly the motor behaved itself all week end, aint that allways the way !
    regards Andy
    Hi, got ABS/ESP warning lights staying on in my A4, Sandra suggests that I get it VCDS tested, and gave me a link to you as I'm in Cromer, not to far away, hope this is ok.
    Regards Andy

    Do you still have VCDS?? If so could you turn a few things on and off for me for a few beer tokens??

    I appreciate your help mate, very much.
    Its also nice to know there's still the odd person who likes to help people and not just rip them off ;)
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