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2004 A8 D3 4.0tdi

seany Jun 12, 2019

  1. seany

    seany New Member

    Hi all
    Have owned a slammed A4 cabriolet for the last 3years which I love but have an itch for an A8 4.0 or 4.2 tdi have seen a 2004 D3 4.0tdi 115k for £3000 . What are they like for reliability as a daily is there an major issues ?
    Have also read you can lower/slam the air suspension via vag com is this true .
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  3. Homer Simpson

    Homer Simpson Tiptronic

    The 4.0 is an early engine and was replaced by the much better 4.2tdi. If you can stretch to a 4.2tdi, it would be a better buy. You can lower the D3's suspension via VCDS but lowering links would be better if you want a permanent or slammed vehicle.

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