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  • what cars do these clocks fit scott? i need a clearout!

    1m0920922e SEAT LEON FR TDI WHITE FACES X2 1M0920922(F)PETROL X1
    5K0920960H MK6 TSI 1.4 AUTO
    1Z0920910D SKODA OCTAVIA 1.9 TDI 2004-ON
    1P0920925 ...2006 2005 LEON FR PETROL
    1T0920950G TOURAN 04 TDI
    1J0920926C RB8 TDI
    1K0920950K (X2) / P ...06 PETROL
    1K0920962B TDI
    1K0920960L TDI
    1K0920961K TD
    1K09209271B TDI
    1K0920951A PETROL
    1K0920953G TDI
    1K0920950L TDI
    1K0920962G TDI
    8P0920950C TDI
    8P0920980P TDI FULL DIS
    Hi Scott,
    another member pointed me in your general direction for getting a vcds on my 1.9tdi avant , I'm in Polruan are you near to me ??
    Hi Scott - I just changed the airbag controller and I wondered if the old one could be of use to you as electronics wiz - I don't want any money I'll just post it to you if it can be repaired .
    Best wishes

    Hi Scott - Aragorn informs me that you breaking an A4 B5 ? I am after a rear interior courtesy and map reading light the one that is black in colour and fits in the headlining, part no is : 8DO 947 111 AA, the switch is broken on mine, do you have this part by any chance? car is an A4/S4 sport quattro turbo 1.8i Thanks.
    hi, we wondered if you would like to organise gti this year, you don't really have to do much just keep people up to date n get a list going on the forum etc. I am very busy with uni and I can't take time out to do it. plus my head is like a sive and I keep forgetting. anywho let me know if ur interested.

    Yep, one and the same. I was the President of the FSOC for two years. I am actually a competitve shooter, its not just shotguns.
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