2.0 TFSI REVO or Superchips Bluefin??


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Hi, I know there are lots of other stuff on line about this but most of it seems to be about diesels or s3's. Just wanted your guys opinion on whats going to be best and also if anyone has tried both back to back for a fair comparison. and if anyone has any real dyno figures on them both.
I know the Revo costs more but is it any better.

Just a pointer on the right direction to send my monies is what im after

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I had a Bluefin map on my old 2.0T quattro and was very happy with it. The main attractions for me were the Bluefin handset (to remove and add the map at will), the support from Superchips and the fact that the map has been around for some time - i.e. it's a known quantity. Most of the above would apply to Revo, but I think it costs more.

The downside with some Bluefin maps are that they are conservative: I think the 2.0T map gives about 240bhp / 240lbft.

I stayed with Bluefin for my new car because I had the handset - so it only cost £160 for a new map!
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If you live in Cov, Stealth Racing in Southampton may be worth a call to get some ideas, Vince is an absolute star.

Check Shark, GIAC, APR, Jabbasport, Custom Code and Bluefin, all who offer a range of options, all with their own USP's.

Locality is often as impotant as anything in case you ever need to go back for ongoing support


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I went bluefin, Ads is running a bluefin aswell on his 2.0TFSI its made a huge difference! Iv been happy with my bluefin aswell ease of use everything came to me aswell! I did buy it when they had there christmas offer on so saved a fair bit.


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As Farhan says... I've had my 2.0TFSI bluefin'd for a few weeks now and I'm really happy with it. The car is very noticeably quicker throughout, but especially in 2nd gear.
Mine is FWD drive and there is very nearly too much power going to the front wheels now. If the map was anymore agressive, especially at 2-3k revs, then it'd be undriveable when trying to accelerate hard from low speeds.

The difference the bluefin has made is very significant. Had a little run out against a Golf R32 starting in second gear, rolling at about 25-30mph and I can now pull away to a couple of car lengths pretty swiftly. I would say the map has put my car into stock S3 territory now, and with the smaller turbo its also very responsive from low revs.

I don't know how well bluefin works on TDI's and S3s, but on K03'd TFSI's it does very well. I reckon Farhan's bluefin'd 1.8TFSI would take my stock 2.0TFSI.

Have a look at reviews for bluefin Golf GTIs, they use the same engine as the A3 2.0TFSI. You'll find LOADS of positive reviews, not uneducated one word unhelpful 'reviews' such as................

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I also wanted to note that many other companies are not mobile. You have to go to them, One thing which was epic was superchips (bluefin) service. I was unhappy with my first file(map) they sent me. Within an hour i had a revised file and i was like woah....

I wasnt fobbed off or told to let it settle in i explained what i wanted from the car and in the returned file i got exactly that. I did mention i had a lot of torque now low down which was causing me traction troubles but i was advised to let the map settle then contact them back about it.

They were right it has settled down a bit now but i will contact them again to see if i can have a bit more top end power as im satisfied with the mid range. There are so many remap companies now what gotme was the price, service and ease of use.

Support is available when ever you need it over the phone, The files are all sent electronically so you dont have to book the car in or drive to any dealers. You keep your handset and when you sell up you can use the handset on your new car and buy a discounted map from them.

I wont be biased maybe my drive is not as aggressive as one map or not as "smooth" as another but it can be tailored to how i want it...I think thats important.

Also to note me and ads both have had a run when we were stock...He would leave me by around 1-2 car lengths when stock,

Against my mates R32 i always used to be left behind around 2-3 car lengths, After the MAP i stick with the R32 on 2-4th gear rolls. Ads 2.0TFSI is very fast now he left my friends R32 by a fair bit so the difference is plain to see. Over the last few meets we constantly have tested our cars in gear accelerations and i can vouch that the differences in both our cars is significant!
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I am running an offer at the moment On shark performance remaps (see my subforum in the sponsor section). You could use an sts unit to upload the file yourself and save travelling. Pm me if interested. Rob


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Also note that mine is DSG. I was a bit worried at first about how the gearbox would react to an engine remap but so far everything is working well.. i.e. no funny gear changes or jerkiness or anything like that.
My main worry was how DSG would drive under normal driving, such as pulling away gently. I thought that the extra power might make take-off jerky. It didn't. When driving normally you can hardly feel that anything has been changed, but as soon as you want to push on then it all livens up.

As said, I can't comment on REVO, Shark, etc as I've never driven one, but all I can say is that I doubt anyone coming from a stock 2.0T will be disappointed by what bluefin does to its performance.

Its very hard to get 'answers' about remap performance using other people's opinions. The only way to know which map is best for you is to compare YOUR car in stock form against YOUR car remapped.
A lot of the info you'll find on the net will have people saying they've driven someone else's remapped car or claim they've been taken for a spin in their mate's remapped car and its now an animal, but I would say that even sitting in the passenger seat of someone else's car is very misleading, as cars always feel quicker when someone else is driving.

Maybe you should give bluefin and revo a try and make up your own mind. Both offer money back or trial periods. Not sure if Shark or the other's offer the same.


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shark remap here and as stated with the blufin 2nd gear is amazing i`m quattro so car puts the power down well very happy. real strong power now through all the gears even 6th on motorway got some pull i got the shark sts device think switch is nowhere near the description the box aint no switch lol


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Do not forget VALUE - Why pay more ?? Find the best deal

All 3 companies mentioned are big in the tuning scene so reputation will vary from place to place. You can still put your trust in them with your money.

Also to note Bluefin do offer a warranty on your engine if something was to go wrong.....Whether they pay out or not is a case but the fact they are confident to advertise it says something.