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  • Hi,
    I'm trying to get a digital cockpit and mib2 nav unit with full link usb installed and coded into my car. Can you help? I have a 2014 Seat Leon TDI.

    I needed some help i have recently done a MMI software update and noticed that the battery level and the instrument cluster have gone is there anyway of getting them back, i read somewhere that he a vcds diagnostic scan get them back pls advise thanks jazz
    Hi i know im in the wrong section but have not been able to get any message to send. Im having issues with the convienience module on a4 Cabriolet 2002 rear window wont work or hood i have taken the module from under the carpet and its very damp. Can i disconnect the plugs on it to dry out without having any problems putting it back thanks for any help jason
    Hi there I know I'm in the wrong area but I'm stumped how to start a new thread on this site??? My Audi A3 Quattro 1.8t 180bhp is failing the emissions on lambda sensor which I have changed and the problem is still the same??? The idle seems to miss a beat here and there but drives and boosts fine? Any ideas? Cheers
    Hi Dave,
    I've got some coding issues with my Rnse mk2. Would you be able to help me?
    Beers are on me!
    I have VCDS but I have never actually used it for other than changing my headlights for holidays abroad.
    If you can find out what needs to be done I'd be more than happy to let you use my copy of VCDS.

    Hiya bud,

    Im looking at installing cruise control on my A3 2011 3dr, is there any chance you would be able to code it for me? Can give you a £5 or so, I just live down the road in Buckden! :D


    Hi mate,
    With reference to the A3 message below. Is there any chance you could send one to me, pretty please with bells on it. I want to do my A3 soon. Thanks in advance. lewismax@gmail.com
    "To show there are no bad feelings between us, if you would like to PM me with an email address I will send you pdf files showing the parts used for the rear bumper assembly and a page from the elsawin workshop manual showing how to remove the rear bumper. "
    Hi h5djr, sorry to bother you but I'm looking for a Audi A3 sportback brochure from 2007 and saw a post mentioning you had a PDF. Any chance you could post me a copy? My email is pbal@oozi.com. Many thanks -Parm
    hello mate, noticed youre on the VCDS map in st Neots, i was wondering if you could help me out, ive got a 2007 sport tdi 140 sportback...the ESP light coming on and off, draining my battery and id like to know what the exact cause is. If you can help please shout me. Im in huntingdon.Rodney
    Hello. I noticed you've once said you have some A3 brochures from 2007. Would you still have them by any chance - I'm keen to get a hold of one for my A3 3.2...
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