2.0TFSI vs S4 conundrum

Go for the s4,I made the same mistake myself few years back with b7 models,the b8 s4 has been dynoed at 350 bhp stock and wellover 400 when remapped,it really is a flyer and if I hear correctly the s tronic gets into the cheaper tax band too.
Go for the s4,I made the same mistake myself few years back with b7 models

Yes but the B6/7 S4's were so damn heavy, remap pointless, that you probably made the correct choice in the end, from personal experience I say, I loved our S4 as a cruiser, but it wasn't that quick tbh even with a tiny map.
After looking into it for weeks I decided to keep my TFSI. I couldn't justify the loss of deposit and paying extra for an S4. Considering I do 20k miles pa it's the right decision at the moment.

Will wait for the facelift next year and consider one next time. My car has now been built and is in Germany ready for delivery to the Uk and onwards to me. Looking forward to it.
You guys are gunner laugh but had a call from a dealer this morning with an offer of an S4 I just couldn't resist. So I have chopped in the 2.0T and jumped on the S4. Its approx 3 months old standard S4, in silver with SS seats, tech pack, heated seats, AMI and B&O. Comes a week on Monday. Just a little excited...
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It had to happen otherwise you would have regretted it.
You will love the S4; it's a great all-round car (except perhaps for the fuel economy) but then you don't buy this car if your are concerned about fuel consumption.

My previous car was the highly rated BMW 335d and if you ask me the Audi S4 is way-way ahead, no pain-in-the-*** runflats - no stupid staggered wheels - folding rear seats as standard, with space-saver tyre - the build quality - the tech and toys - performance, they're all superior. Oh and bag hooks in the boot to hang your take-away and beers. :)
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I was not aware of the bag hooks - excellent. As its a MY2014 model (registered in August by Audi UK) it *should* have the electronic tailgate open/close even better when your overloaded with beer and a curry.

What are people's average MPG for this beast anyway? 25?
Can't really help you with the MPG, I don't take much notice of it as I don't do many miles, but it doesn't seem to be too bad; actually it's better than I thought to be honest. I'm convinced though, that the auto-stop-start feature helps a helluva lot.
re MPG - i am actually suprised at how bad it is, but then i understand why.
Ive come from running a 911 Carrera S and I used to average 25mpg in that (mixed driving) and on a run (a boring run) i could get 29/30MPG.

Currently I average 20mpg in my s4 (auto) on mixed driving, and 23mpg on a run. Finding it difficult to get anything over that, even with similar driving!

I guess thats the price you pay for a super-charger and heavier car?
That seems lower than others what year is your S4? As I said I am not that bothered but 20 is a little low :)
I get around 23mpg on a daily basis and average 27mpg on runs (fully loaded) from home (central Scotland) down to central France.
The car is a 2009 manual S4 Avant, and I use V Power or Momentum fuel.
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Mine is a 2009, and sorry I should have said that I have only had the car a few weeks, so im still "learning" the car.

I always assess after a few months, but it definitely is much worse than the Porsche, mind you I was running 99 Ron in that...maybe i should switch from 95 and try it out - sometimes helps....
I've had my 2010 S4 S-Tronic since new - averaged 19.6mpg over 24,000 miles. Have seen 30mpg on a decent run but only do 5 miles to/from the station each day so the short journey/cold engine is where the mpg damage is done!. Have always run on premium/super - either v-power or Esso premium. Anyway, I knew what I was letting myself in for when I bought it (I actually calculated running costs based on 18mpg (10% less than Audi's urban figure)) and it's been worth every penny!

Downsizing to an 2014 S3 Sportback in March - will really miss the S4, it's a fantastic car. I actually considered the RS4 but in my opinion it wasn't worth the extra premium over the S4. I'll give the S3 a go for a few years by which point I hope the new A4/S4 will be available for a jump back up a class.
My 19's are run flats i.e. the Dunlops!

I guess they're acceptable with the Audi suspension then.

Run-flats with bmw M-sport suspension on UK roads prove to be a harsh ride, part due to the M sport suspension and part due to the reinforced side-walls of the run-flat tyres. Changing over to non run-flats is a mod most 3 series enthusiasts will usually do.
I've got dynamic suspension and am very happy with it. I haven't tried the same wheel/tyre combo on Sports or S-line Suspension so don't know how that works out.