Interior Swap, My Leather for your Cloth?


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Mar 7, 2013
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Sorry if this is in the wrong section, could a mod move for me if it is please.

I've got a B6 Saloon full leather interior in dark blue with door cards, looking for a swap for anything black? Cloth, half-leather or full leather considered, My interior is in near mint condition and i can take some pics if required.

Door cards are dark blue with wood inserts but happy to keep our own inserts as i plan on wrapping them soon.

Anyone interested?
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It probably should be in the classifieds..... but I'll leave it here as you'll get more relevant exposure.

Try and keep it a 'swap' thread rather than a 'for sale' thread please!
Ah it's swap only, wouldn't get very far without an interior lol
Sure here:




needs a clean but generally very good condition.
The camera obviously lies, the drivers seat doesn't look half as bad to the eyes its all just muck and will be cleaned up before trade.
Does a saloon interior swap directly with an avant??? If so, and it'll fold down I could be tempted. Also, where are you based? ha! No good if you're a million miles away.

Oh, mine is standard grey cloth interior. I'll try get a pic, don't think i have one on photobucket, but i'll check.
I don't think it can, The rear seats are fixed in a saloon, Somebody may confirm this?
I am in Telford (West Midlands). and willing to travel for the right deal.
Hmmm, oh well! :( would have been nice. If anyone confirms otherwise then maybe, but my seats spend half their life folded down ha!

Good luck .
some saloons have rear fold
but the fixed wont fit the avant without a lot of ****ing about
I have the dark grey cloth, sports seats that I'm thinking of swapping for leather. You say yours are blue? They look black to me?
I thought the same when I bought the car, looked perfect in the pictures for me but got there and was very disappointed.
We have decided to sell the 1.9 TDI sport now so I am going to swap the interior our of that into mine. I was looking for a complete interior (dash etc too) and it makes sense to swap them over before sale,