Upgrading interior from cloth to leather


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Jun 10, 2003
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Looking to upgrade my interior for black leather on late 01 A4 Avant. Been offered a full set of seats & door cards from an 03 Avant, does this sound like a straight swap?
Anyone know whether there were any changes between 01 & 03 that could cause problems?
No one ever done this then?
I called my local Audi dealer and they were actually very helpful. All they could say was that as long as the chassis number on my Avant started with 8E (which it does) then at least it would be the same body shape and any other changes would be minor and probably doable with a bit of modification. Fingers crossed.
Anyone looking for a black leather interior with door cards for an 03 Avant, in case it doesn't fit?
Also anyone looking for a black cloth interior in case it does? (no idea why anyone would need/want a new cloth interior, you would have had to have had some major chocolate milkshake incident to warrant replacing all the seats).
My A4 was originally cloth but was recovered in leather, and its a one-off (no one else has the same) will post some pics if you want
About £1000, but well worth it, that included the door cards, seats and some other bits.
All the interior was black cloth and looked dull, transformed the feel of the interior all together!

where did you get it done? could you send me pics please. twotyredmarty(AT)aol(DOT)com. I'm about to buy another Audi and cannot find one with the interior i want. do they do alcantara mix too?


Interested in the interior if it don't fit mate. 1st dibs please!!

anyone else- my mate has a grey leather interior form a 01 saloon which he may want to swap for a nice cloth one(nothing beige etc). would a saloon interior fit into an avant????
No the back seat is different I think where the roller blind luggage cover thing fits onto the larger of the 2 folding seats. But the cloth interior is black and in very good nick.
trekbiker - I've got a Jan 2004 saloon and am interested in a leather upgrade. I've got gray cloth seats. Interested? If so please PM me.
Picked up my full leather interior last night, black leather with suede (£440 on ebay including door cards). What a relief to find it all fits.
Fitted everything today and what a transformation (and I've got that leather smell back, can't beat it. Got a few other problems though (see other thread)


I love the leather/alcantara combo, looks great !
Hi Andy (trekbiker) I need to take new pics of the trim, I blinged it up recently and this pic really doesnt give it any justice, but it looks better than it used to (black everywhere) and the company (autotrim in Denton, Manchester) have done a good job, its been in the car for two years now abd still looks good!


and before I fitted Nav+

That looks fantastic, can see why it cost so much.
Aren't you paranoid about it getting damaged?
Amazing there aren't any baggy bits.
Nah, its pretty tough and easy enough to clean, plus I use a seat cover for when Im in my workwear, my lad climbs all over it and theres no scuffs yet, no baggy bits either (apart from the driver LOL)
I'm assuming that the seats are not heated. Is the leather really cold in winter? How long does it take for your ar5e to defrost? I live in Manchester and will be pretty keen to use the same place(don't worry, I won't copy your style) but I'm worried about freezing my nuts off.
Hi Andy, my seats arnt heated but I know a guy who can add this (genuine OEM) as well as a heated steering wheel, a cold **** is a small price to pay for 'cool' seats LOL!!