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17 Y/O Insurance on an A3 Cabriolet - Need Help

UndriedLemons Jun 12, 2018

  1. UndriedLemons

    UndriedLemons New Member

    Hi I'm turning 17 next month and will be taking an intensive driving course to hopefully pass very soon and get on the road ASAP.

    I already own the car (1.2L engine, 2011 model) but the issue is that I've been looking around on a lot of insurance sites and am always getting terrible quotes.
    On the whole everything is well above £10k (which is double the value of the car) even if I have my dad as the primary/secondary driver.

    Do you know of any sites or insurers specifically for 17 year old drivers on Audis?

    Lowest quote ive seen is £2.5k /y but thats only on 5k miles and with a black box fitted as well which of course I dont want haha.

    Any help appreciated cheers
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  3. Chris S 1245

    Chris S 1245 Active Member

    That’s probably not gonna happen mate there’s a reason the prices are so high it’s because you have no driving experience and an A3 is a high risk car for a 17 year old. 2.5 K with a box seems about right as that’s how much I paid when I first passed on a much less powerful car.
  4. TitaniumTom

    TitaniumTom Member

    I think you'll have to have a blackbox tbh, I agree with above, £2.5k for a 2011 A3 on a blackbox is probably about right for a 17 y/o now.

    It's worth trying Admiral and putting your Dad (and any other relatives!) as named drivers, but you must be classed as the main driver for legal reasons.

    Also worth trying Adrian Flux who can be cheaper for young people, with Flux you can usually get forum discounts, I would guess there is a forum discount code on here if you search for it.

    Also, is the car standard or are you looking to modify it? At your age, modifications add a huge amount to the premium unfortunately.
  5. Toonsoldier91

    Toonsoldier91 Well-Known Member

    2.5k doesn't seem too bad. Mine was about that for a crosa when I was 17 lol. Car was worth about 2 quid

    I'm still getting quotes now for nearly 580 with 8 years no claims !! It's a joke just doesn't seem to be dropping at all

    DAN@ADRIAN FLUX Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    Please feel free to give us a try for insurance if you like. If you wanted to PM me some contact details I'd be happy to arrange for one of my quotes team to give you a call back.
  7. Toonsoldier91

    Toonsoldier91 Well-Known Member

    Hi Dan. Any chance you could reply to my pm please.
  8. Adam14

    Adam14 Well-Known Member Team Glacier Team V6 Audi S5 S tronic

    Unfortunately at that age, a black box is near on impossible not to have, especially on a car like that. Only way round it is to pay A LOt more, which I'd argue isn't really worth it. I doubt with a 1.2 you'd be wanting to steam about in that. £2.5k sounds about right, mine was around £1.1k for a 1.25 Fiesta with a blackbox. Problem is as well that you'll be 17 and no driving experience which will go against you. Unfortunately you're going to have to suck it up.

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