1. Daviebarco

    Write Off?

    Hi guys, Got hit by a guy in wrong lane today. Wondering what insurance will say. Audi A4 2015 plate 2 litre 46k on the clock. Any ideas?
  2. S

    Which Gap insurance company

    Hi I just bought a pre registered Audi Q3 from dealer and was offered GAP insurance for 499. I have refused and decided to find cheaper one online. was looking at but they dont do replacement GAP for preregistered car. Any recommendation for which company should I go with...
  3. Bathy

    Insurance company...

    Long story short ..need some advice guys ... 2010 8p S3 .. sideways into kerb around 30-40 mph... At first was advised it might be a total loss but then under inspection they repair it .. £8500 later after 3 months of waiting I get the car back .. now makes a terrible noise from the (Audi...
  4. Justin Whitehouse

    Good insurance companies for remapped cars???

    I am due to have my car MRC Stage 1 next week but when I spoke to my insurance company (LV) they said the remap would take my policy from £470 to £1800 per year!!!!! Who are any of you using as I think this is taking the p...?
  5. UndriedLemons

    17 Y/O Insurance on an A3 Cabriolet - Need Help

    Hi I'm turning 17 next month and will be taking an intensive driving course to hopefully pass very soon and get on the road ASAP. I already own the car (1.2L engine, 2011 model) but the issue is that I've been looking around on a lot of insurance sites and am always getting terrible quotes. On...
  6. K

    Just Renewed - Audi S3 Modified, comparison

    In case it helps anyone ... The car is 2003 S3, modified (turbo, ecu, chimney, wheels, suspension, induction), north west, 2 named drivers, 10k mileage, drive other cars 3rd party, like for like excess and cover etc. SKY I have been with Sky for many years (with the odd break) and have never...
  7. arobson90

    Just Car Clinic - Durham, Any feedback?

    Morning everyone! I unfortunately had a bump on Friday on the way home from work which is going through the insurance. My insurance company have passed my details to Just Car Clinics in Durham to carry out the work. I just wanted to know if anyone has used them previously (mainly bodywork)...
  8. Theonenonly

    Can any one do better?

    Hi all, Just wondering what everyone is doing when it comes to gap insurance? I believe the best policy is the replacement vehicle gap as this guarantees a brand new car any time for the duration of the policy. I’ve been playing the brokers off against each other and the best I have done so...
  9. Adomas G

    Potential A5 buyer- few questions.

    Hello all! I am a current 2006 A3 2.0 TDi owner and am looking to upgrade to something sportier and quicker in the near future. While my choice was between C6 A6 Avant and A5 coupe, I chose A5- it looks inarguably sportier, plus there will always be a time for Avant once I have a family It's...
  10. B

    Facelift Insurance for S3 is a joke this year!

    I was fortunate enough to get an S3 last year after working my **** off and saving. My insurance for the year was £1500 with Direct Line. This is a steep figure, but considering I was only 21 with 3 years ncb and the spec of the car, it was reasonable. Now my renewal is coming round, I've been...
  11. U_Pharm1

    A1 insurance for 22 year old

    Hi there, I am looking for cheap insurance quotes for me to get insured on a 13 plate audi a1 s-line. the cheapest i have seen is £900 ish, i have 2 years NCD if that helps and i am 22 years old. if anyone can suggest some good companies that would be great! Thanks!
  12. V6_Man

    Where do I stand with my insurance repairer

    Folks, need some advice re: an insurance claim on my B7 A4. My wife was hit by a lorry back in Feb earlier in the year and we got the car fixed by the approved repairers. I was insured by Aviva at that time (renewal in March), and their repairers are; Liam Kenney who are approved Audi/MB/Jag...
  13. ChrisKnottIns

    2017 Virtual Show & Shine Competition :: Chris Knott

    2017 Virtual Show & Shine Competition :: Chris Knott Hi, Let's have a bit of fun - it's been a couple of years since we last ran a Virtual Show & Shine competition on social media so we'd love to offer one again this Summer with a fitting prize up for grabs. HOW TO ENTER Simply post pics of...
  14. L

    Insurance help

    I'm picking up a new S3 on Thursday and thought that getting my insurance sorted would be a doddle. Low and behold, the quotes I am getting are crazy. A lot more then my Jeep was when I was a teenager. I live in central London and the car will be left of the street so I wasn't expecting cheap...
  15. Rayner_1704

    Adrian flux won't insure S3?

    Hi all, just a query, just rang Adrian flux up to ask about a insurance quote for when my face lift S3 gets delivered for then to turn around and say the car £35k is too high in value for them to insure. Currently have a S3 8P all mods declared etc in 23 and a mech engineer and got a bargain...
  16. B

    AWE Switchpath Remote - Insurance

    Hi, Just bought and got my friend to fit the AWE Switchpath Remote to my S3. It basically allows me to open or close the exhaust valve via a remote. The Remotereceiver was plugged in under the car at the back. It was expensive for what it is, however it does change the exhaust note to a...
  17. Adam Miles

    Facelift Insurance increase with FL

    So I'm having a bit of a frustrating experience getting decent quotes on insurance for the FL S3. I've got a friend with the pre-FL model and was initially using his reg for quotes, turns out that the difference in quotes between that and the new one is £700?! That's £70 per extra horse which...
  18. A

    What A4 Should i get?

    Hello People from the master race. So here's my story, I have been involved with Audi's since I can remember, I come from a family of audi owners. I have done some mechanical engineering at collage and know my way around most cars, I'm 21 now and next January I will have a years no claims...
  19. paradigital

    Facelift S3 owners, who are you insuring you FL with?

    So I'm looking around for insurance for my impending S3 saloon, and most insurers are failing to provide a quote, some even insisting on a black box (never going to happen). The handful that will insure me are looking at £775 upwards, and I've never even heard of them. I'm 33 with 10+ years no...
  20. A31998

    Cannot find reasonable insurance

    I got a Audi A3 1998 3dr 1.6 and I'm 18 just passed, I've been doing quotes almost everywhere and for a first car I'm getting the cheapest quote back being at 5 grand?! I done a quote seeing what it would cost to put my step dad as main driver and go on his insurance it was 25 pound a month for...