S3 insurance on young driver...

picking up my s3 sunday 07 plate 8p Been quoted 1900 my own policy me reg keeper driving 4 years and 0 no claims tbh thats about what i expected. seems fair
21, 0 years ncd on an 8l s3 with 2 named drivers (mum and bro in law) comes up to £1800. Helps that i work at an insurance company though.. few things to tinker with :p Lil tip - the 4000 miles marker works.. so if you chose 4000 then it should decrease. Also.. if you live near the centre of your city it will go up.. if you live towards the outer of a city and mark it as "parked on a public road" then you'll see that it may decrease.. and as some1 said earlier, if your cohabiting or married, it goes down A HELL OF A LOT!
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4500 with express insurance, i bet that also has a 3000 excess.

audi s3 8l /25 / 0 nc / licence 1 month / se12 - 1350 / 3000 excess / magic quote
audi s3 8l /26 / 1 nc / licence 13 months / se12 - 1350 / 3000 excess /express insurance

sorry mate, but you've got a long wait until insurance on an s3 become reasonable if you are being quoted 4500 !!
I just got a quote on a standard 2000 S3 being a 28yrd with 9 yrs NCB with 3 points and Admiral was cheapest @£743.51.
That's less then what i'm paying now for a '99 1.8T A3 with Adrian Flux :eek:

28 with 9yrs NCD??? Where do you live? Beirut? You must have an awful postcode.
28 with 9yrs NCD??? Where do you live? Beirut? You must have an awful postcode.
I'm bang in the middle of Peterborough and Cambridge.
I've always paid high car insurance.
1.3sr Nova - £900 odd
1.6 vts Saxo - £700-£900
1.8T A3 - £1000 odd
i always used Admiral/Elephant/Bell and ive had most jap turbos by the time I was 20.
Never paid over £700...
when i was 18 (about 18 moths ago) brand new s3 cost me £3014 this year 19 cost me £1981 still with admiral will be changing in the no to distance future as they will not cover any engine modifications
If it makes you feel any better I'm paying £2,200 on an A3 2.0 FSI... 20, 2 years no claims, mum & dad as named drivers.

Probably in the region of £7000 for me :/ Yay.
I'm 23 (just turned), 5years ncb S3 8P £1100 girlfriend as named driver.

Bought a S3 8L when i was 19 with 2years ncb and that was £1200 mum then dad as named driver (makes a difference which way round you put them).
No love for Insurance Companies as they are stiffing me over & dragging their feet on a Personal injury claim but I actually agree with their stance on this.
I know you cannot stereotype a demographic but it's pure statistics, Wannabe Lewis Hamilton's have made insurance more expensive for everyone.......
Still plenty of Twenty something's driving 30k plus cars in my area. Wonder how they manage it........
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