1. B

    Thinking of buying 2018 A5 Cabriolet, 29k, 3 Owners...

    Hi All, I am considering buying a 2018 (67 Reg) A5 Cabriolet S-Line Auto w/ good spec with 29k on the clock. It looks in great condition but has had 3 owners. I am buying from a reputable garage that will provide a warranty. Do people have a view on the 3 previous owners? Also is there anything...
  2. M

    A4 Cab amplifier change

    Hi all, just a quick thread as I'm scratching my head with this, has anybody any experience in changing the factory amplifier in b7 cabriolet? I've upgraded all my speakers but sound quality could be better with a aftermarket amplifier i think. Sound improved with the speaker upgrades and head...
  3. M


    Hi all, wondering if anyone could help, I'm getting ready to install sub and amp in my a4 cab, I was wondering if anyone could help with access through the firewall for the power cable? Is there a grommet that comes out anywhere close to the battery? Hope someone can help. Thanks
  4. S

    2004 S4 V8 Cabrio B6 Bodykit Advice

    Hi, I've just bought an S4 Cabrio and having just joined this group would really appreciate some help/ advice. I would like to sharpen up the face of my car (pictured below) and saw the 'lip' circled in the picture below of another S4 (in the same colour as mine). Does anybody know if this is...
  5. NME

    A3 8P3 Convertible Help

    Hi, Has anyone got the A3 8P convertible (2009) that they can take a picture of where the 2 arms in the boot join onto the glass, that are responsible for folding the rear section of the roof and glass into the boot are? My wife has one, and they have become detached, and I'm wondering what...
  6. Junc11Quattro

    Fresh Face!!

    Greetings to all of my family! New to the site! I own a beautiful Dolphin Grey B7 A4 Cabriolet 3.0 V6 TDI Quattro. (My Babes) hahahaha Done just over 90k, has every option and FSH. Drives like a dream. It's gonna be a small project over a while so hopefully you guys can stay...
  7. AS-A4Cab

    Full lock judder - PAS Pump?

    Hello one and all! I have a 1.8T A4 Cab (B7 chassis) FWD. Recently my drive shaft went caput - luckily at very low speed. I've had those replaced, along with associated CV joints etc. Now - the whole car shudders on full lock to the left - the car doesnt need to be in motion for this to...
  8. B

    Near side boot indicator fault 2014 A5 Cabrio

    Hi The nearside indicator in the boot lid of my 2014 2.0L diesel A5 cabrio has stopped working. I bought a new unit but this also didnt work. Tested the new unit with the offside electrical plug connection and works fine. I looks like it could be a wiring fault but I dont know where to start...
  9. P

    VCDS Plymouth

    Hi folks Any VCDS readers in Plymouth UK area. Have no cabriolet roof functioning. Windows drop and that's it. Tried manual reset but not working. However rear window is com I g away from fabric. Thnx in advance
  10. S

    '09 A4 Roof Intermittently Stops Part-way

    Hi all, new to the forum but have been lurking trying to fix this for about a month and have not found any other post in the exact same situation. In one month of ownership the roof has stopped moving via the switch about 4-5 times now. Symptoms etc.: 1) Can happen from open or closed 2) Every...
  11. A

    B7 Wanted - Cabriolet Rear Bumper

    Seems these are like hens teeth having spent a few hours searching the usual places.... I managed to crack and snap a corner off reversing into my garage! Any sellers out there? Anyone know of a cabriolet that's being broken? Any help appreciated!
  12. P

    Facelift Just bought a A3 cab. Many questions!

    I just bought my new Audi A3 Cab -17. First of, RS3 grill. Where can i find this? I have a radar in the grill so i have to have one with the hole in. Second of. I have the MMI system with Carplay. Now i want to watch movies when i standing still. Like netflix when we are camping. Is this...
  13. V

    Options to replace A4 Cab TFSI middle box.. HELP..

    Looking for a reasonably priced solution to my problem. The middle box is blowing on my 2006 A4 Cabriolet 2.0tfsi B7. It's a one piece system but I guess it could be chopped and a sleeve fitted? From what I know, the exhaust on the Cab is only available from Audi as a one piece system. I...
  14. S4cabriolet

    S4 cab vs RS5 cab: opinions please.

    Stupid question maybe, but... My S4 B7: 75k miles, no start up rattle, would do some mods to it; brakes, exhaust, suspension, tidy up bodywork (see a previous post). Say £5k+ on a car worth £8k, (which I intended to keep for as long as possible). RS5 on Autotrader: £70k miles, looks in very...
  15. B

    A4 B7 Cab - Roof only opening a few inches then stopping?

    Hi There I just bought my 2008 B7 Cabriolet, and the roof worked during the test drive. However having tried again on my own, the roof only opens a few inches then stops. The dash also has the roof light flashing on startup (but it disappears). The guy I bought it from said "fiddle around...
  16. H

    **Need advice** Audi A4 1.8t cabriolet Quattro

    I have a A4 cabriolet Quattro the glass rear window has come away from the fabric hood and have tried a few different fixes with no great results. Does anyone have any sensible advice on what silicone to buy to make a good job black silicone preferably coming in to the winter I need to get this...
  17. S4cabriolet

    Not quite new newbie

    Hello everyone, (Reposted from Welcome Section) Changed my user name from A4cabrio to this one because I’ve acquired a 2008 model S4 cabriolet today! It’s in pretty good condition with 70k on the clock. Last few years not driven much by the previous owner but regularly serviced by a Porsche...
  18. UndriedLemons

    17 Y/O Insurance on an A3 Cabriolet - Need Help

    Hi I'm turning 17 next month and will be taking an intensive driving course to hopefully pass very soon and get on the road ASAP. I already own the car (1.2L engine, 2011 model) but the issue is that I've been looking around on a lot of insurance sites and am always getting terrible quotes. On...
  19. Nagasaki

    New build swift (ish) A4 B6/7 1.8t Cabriolet

    Finally undertaking the build of an A4 B6/7 cabriolet quattro to house the engine and Turbo set up finished last year, combining most of the transferable and upgraded parts from our S-Line CVT B7 (owned from new) with a B6 Quattro 6 speed manual picked up locally. Reason, just based upon limits...
  20. George Surrey

    A5 Cab, 2.0TDI, Very poor MPG?

    I've picked up a 2011 A5 Cab with the 2.0TDI 168BHP engine. The engine isn't particularly inspiring but it's quick enough for me. I was really hoping for better economy as i'm only getting around 36MPG on average, my daily drives are generally town driving with some bypasses and no motorway but...