2.5tdi v6 quattro oil?


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Sep 8, 2011
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hows it going people? i have a 2.5tdi v6 180bhp quattro and its due a service very soon, the last service i used lucas oil as the fella in the motorfactors told me its real good oil however recently i have heard it aint good at all can anyone tell me the best oil for my car???
Any decent fully syntehtic 5w40 oil which passed the vw 505.01 norm should be fine ! I use quantum oil from local vw dealer, 30 quid for 5L can !
I aske the same question not so long ago, I went for quantum 5w30 off eBay £38 posted for 5l, however they take more than 5l
aye the last time it took 5 1/2 litres odds the last time i must look it up on ebay an price that stuff i was pricing other parts on ebay and you could get a feul filter my car for 10 quid which is pretty cheap a fuel filter is a fuel filter really isnt it? or should i go for a more expensive one?