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  • Just tried to PM you but your inbox is full.... May take that turbo off you - do you have the part number? - is it the 150 or 180 turbo? Cheers!
    also iv got rear callipers in my collection of bits, but i suppose its a bit late now to tell you that.
    I know the feeling mate, yes asap would be good as its all packed and ready to go,


    sorry fella got your message and thanks!! I had the car in the garage today to replace rear brakes and one of my rear calipers has ceased so Ive had to fork out £160 for a new one, still want the part fella is it something you want rid of asap?
    fella bank transfer would be wicked sorry had a busy few days email me your details tfnewton@live.co.uk and i'll sort it mate
    Hi bud im in need of some help myself on the needle lift injector the plug that that plugs into the loom i need to know the position of the green and grey wires on the loom side the plug is numbered 1 and 2 so need to know wich is wich? i think that you can se the position by lifting the rubbeer boot any help would be much apreciated.
    Thanks Nathan
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