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Jun 7, 2010
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Sorry for wrong section peeps but need some quick replies and no one reads general

Right lads

Basically a worker has had her car taken into the garage today after hearing a knocking/rattling noise under the bonnet whilst driving and sometimes loosing revs when pulling away in first. She drives a toyota yaris btw. Her car is now in the garage and in my opinion the garage is blowing this way out of perportion. The have quoted her £500+ because of a fault with her timing chain, which i assume they mean timing belt. She has also said they have told her its that bad they do not want to start the ignition as it could further damage the motor therefore he is having to push the car in and out of the garage. . . . . . Surely not? any comments welcome.........

Hey there,

Just to add my thoughts
Yaris does have a chain and not belt. My wife has a corsa and these have oil pressured tensioners, the tensioners have gone and to have the chain changed and tensioners replaced is £300+ incl parts. Now this is only a 1l and vauxhall so yes it could be lots more for a toyota what with parts and maybe lots of labour do it. Also the wifes car can manage without the repair for a while as its just a slightly noisy slack chain, the yaris sounds more serious like pistons and valves colliding or somthing. There is a yaris forum on the net maybe worth a search on there.
thanks for the reply m8, ive told her to find out what exactly is wrong with the motor, hers is a 1.0l yaris
This sounds about right mate. I was speaking to a guy recently who had to get the chain replaced on his civic type r because it kept jumping a tooth and he was over a grand! The chains aren't meant to fail, thus the price.
Chains rarely fail, i've never known a chain fail in 10 years!!
I've only ever heard of them skipping teeth when they've been bump started and started by the key when the wheels
have been on full lock.