have i been ripped off and conned


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Aug 17, 2010
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my clutch has been grabbing and not smooth engagement it seems to jerk the car and I thought maybe it just needed the system bleeding up as not sure when last brake fuild change was so off I went to a garage (don't want to say which one yet incase am wrong) I arrived and told the guys the problem and they said its the input shaft and its happed on a few mk5 golfs and a3 audi's I was told its a joint that has become lose and needs to tight up and tighten up the input shaft on or to the the clutch and was charged £100 for this

now after googling it it seems like this could be a load of bull was hoping you guys could shed some light and tell me if this is true or I have been swindled?

the grabbing did go away after they had done what they said but now 2 months on its back grabbing and jerking the car
I have no idea on your issue... Maybe tell us what you have ? Engine, year etc.

But i do know the input shaft is in the gearbox. So its gearbox out to access it. For £100, i doubt it. There are no joints on an input shaft, just bearings, gears and synchros.
If you have ever seen a clutch done, the little splined shaft, that goes into the clutch plate, that is the end of the input shaft. Rest is inside the box, and require the box casing to be split / stripped.
I have an a3 Quattro tdi bkd engine.

looked at the invoice I was given and it says repair of input shaft bearing and this was done within the 4 hrs I left the car for.

do you think I have been ripped off?