whats this worth? 3.2dsg sline full service record 62k 54plate 05reg mint


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Oct 12, 2009
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half leather interior, audi concert 6 disc multichanger, heated windows, mirrors , 18 rs6 alloys , on board computer,launch control, rear window tints, aircon elec windows and mirrors, abs, power assisted steering .
No options then?!

I'd say about 9k considering its low miles and it looks in good nick. Unfortunately the 3.2's dont fetch as much as a TDi these days.
I was offered 7k in PX by Audi for the same thing with 45k miles and RNSE, light pack, cruise, etc, You might get a bit more private.


Unfortunately the 3.2 is not worth a lot because of the fuel costs which is odd because they are not that bad.
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dearer to tax and insure aswell which is not ideal if your young. The amount of miles i do, i'm not sure why i didnt just get one!

not a bad p/x that paddy, Audi normally screw you!
Lee..the tax is the same as it always was on pre 06 cars. I pay £245 /year.
I got 8200 in part ex for mine with 62k on it. Mine was a 05plt manual with RNS-E and in mint condition.
im 23 insurance is a ****** but its such a joy to drive was considering a swap for a subaru but whent against as i like the comfort and the dsg is awsome imo. gona keep it for a few years mabey 19s and diffrent lights will make it look that bit better although i do like the 18s that it has .