Should have stuck with my instinct?


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Feb 11, 2011
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I recently posted about a problem i was experiencing with my 2001 audi A4 1.8T QUAT.

No oil was getting to the head and after a few mins the top end got abit noisy so as i read on this forum SLUDGE is the cause of this, then i was coovinced the turbo was on its way out as it git abit noisey and smoked after a while.

I got al the parts and and gave the car and parts to the garage who i have used for years, later on in the day i get a call from them saying they have the sump off and the oil pump looks like it been replaced recently and theres oil leaking from the head and its had a recent turbo? they then asked if they still wanted me to let them take out the work and that they would recommend i source a new engine.

so now im looking for a engine with a turbo lol.


Thanks for your time
id go to a diff garage
you would have noticed it the head was leaking oil
do they know what there doing with audis
They done the head gasket on my TT?

I can tell them to do the work but if its not the prop it will start getting expensive?

Thanks for the reply
Hey mate, sorry for the slow reply, i did get your pm, just been a little upside down the past few days!

In respect of the golf engine my only concern would be that the a4's are longitudey' engines and the golf isn't - i think the golf lump could become an expensive lesson but i could be wrong.

Could be worth going on ebay and seeing if there are any cars being broken on there - maybe a 2l tfsi lump may fit?
LOL this is becoming a nightmare you are right in saying that the a4 is pretty much fitted sideways and the golf is fitted like anyother car?

i really need to find out if they are compatible?

hmm its a head scratcher?
A4 engines are mounted front to back (longitudinal) and Golf's are side to side (transverse).

I don't fully understand the garages diagnosis on your engine tbh.
even they are mounted different are they the same but just put in a different?

the engine to me is knakerd too many thing wrong and it looks like the owner before had problems with it as everything looks to of been replaced recently? i have only had it a short while and had never really driven it?

the question im struggling to answer is are they the same engine but just mounted different?
its not a direct swap bit of ******* around your better off finding the right 1 for a easy swap
what code is yours
(AVJ) I cant find one anywhere, and i refuse to pay a grand for a rebuild or near that for a replacement id rather buy another car, surely swaping the bits over would be like buying the right engine (with the same engine code AVJ) but just in its bear block and head form because by the looks of things that how most of them come?

i know a few heads will fit
but the block wont iv had this a few times well 4 all on avj
and the 2.0 fsit bgb
AHH this is getting worse and worse, bez101 what do you suggest? my turbo is noisey and wen it gets hot smoke's like a rastaferian, my top end gets noisey due to oil starvation, iv been told the head is leaking oil from the sides it drives (i've only moved it back and forwards onto the recovery truck) but when i do the engine doesnt have a major misfire's or nasty noises and it fells quite smooth but then the smoke comes lol.

Should i try another head and turbo? and fit the new oil pump and suction pipe? or is that just throwing money at it what could be going to a another engine.
right your stuck with it as i was a few times
1st off sump off fit pick up pipe fresh oil start the car up
if the head and turbo are ****** your not gona hurt it anymore
if on starting the turbo is no good then have it recon by AET turbos there very very good and i highly recomend them good price to
but after the pick up pipe is fitted and cars running have a preasure test and or leakdown test
if head is ****** your lookin at 300 max to have it sorted i can recomend a good shop with a quick turnaround
i do think the turbo is gone tho thats where the smoke is comeing from
but its either this way or a recon lump and turbo and fitting prob double the cost
BTW where are u in the UK
mate id have to say send it to some one new evan if its audi you send it to just to get a second opin on it before you buy a new engine just a thought
im going to use what i have then go from there, you have been a massive help thanks its much appriciated.

one more q though, can i use a turbo from another a4 or golf?

i need this car back on the road the missus is getting too comfortable. lol
Hey there Audi_tee,

You'll find that on this site we are all like brothers & sisters, we scratch, bite, pull hair and spit but if you've got a problem we are always here to help if we can lol.

Good luck

The actual engines are the same, its the ancillaries that vary.

Your engine is an 06b, as is the Golf one, but you will have to use your sump, manifolds, starter,alternator etc. Its only the long engine that will bolt in.
Getting my A4 taken to another garage tomorrow, hopefully i will find out what really is going on, worse ways might try another head and another turbo and oil pump.

sooo frustrating
cheers jay, i must say i have nothing but good advice and opinions. im soooo gratfull fir all the replies and time people have put in.

Byzan that is exactly what i thought, but my knowledge of 1.8turbos engines is very limited.

i have actually bought an engine for the sake of it so i will give it all to the mechanic and let him be the judge, the only thing that was catching me out was that mine was mounted side ways so might of had a diffferent block?

so ignore my earlier message about changing the head turbo and pump im going to let the mechanic decide i cant deal with this lol
wow just fought i would give you a quick up date,

the engines almost ready to be pulled out now, whole front end had to come off car looks a mess lol but im shore it will be worth it?
It will be worth it when you get it back! Trust me I've been there.
My k04 turbo was knackerd and the one on my replacement engine is a K03 TURBO ? ? ?

is there much difference
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