Modulite DRLs ?

Hi mate, Not sure if they would fit your car or not, I think your in the wrong section here, you want B8 section if your car is 09 plate unless I'v missed something??

They might have a better idea.
they only fit the B6
u can guess at that as it says upto 05 gave it away for me
have you got the b7 cab with it been a 09 or the newer B8 shape ?
It'll be the same as mine - last of the B7 cabrios. His sig says "S-Line Special Edition", which is the car I have, but I think his might actually be the "S-Line Final Edition" as his 18" RS4-style alloys are black, and he has RNS-E (both standard).

Either way, these won't fit because not only are they for an earlier car, but they are completely the wrong shape for the S-Line 'exterior styling pack' front bumper.

Personally, I'd suggest steering clear of these S6 style LEDs, and replace the DRL bulbs in the OEM xenon units with 36 SMT LED's. I've done this (following a guide on here somewhere) and I think they look far better than a thin LED strip.
oh, can you point me to that guide? I have DRL's but they're far too yellow for my liking....

I'm thinking i'm gonna get these for my a4 b7....


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