Safe Mode in Morning?


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Apr 30, 2010
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Hi peeps

Strange problem here, drove home last night, as normal, music on etc... parked up, went in, went to bed etc.

Woke up this morning, started the car (seemed to take a little longer than usual to start upon turning key) and found my radio was in safe mode?

I entered my radio code, which worked, radio back on etc, turned the car off, turned it back on and the radio is still working.

Any ideas what happened? And no the car has not been tampered with or touched overnight.

Many Thanks
I had the same problem two weeks later battery totally gone
I replaced with a new one been great since
Cold = bad for batteries. The recent cold snap would have shown many car batteries nearing the end of their lifes, more than likely a replacement is needed.
Hmmm, now had it checked, sitting where it should be while off and running at 14.x when stationary and on...

may have to take it for a second opinion?
Its def the battery, mine was dying slowly over a period of months even though I was getting 12.5v stationary and 14v while running. It finally died and left me stranded, luckily I had jump leads on me. Changed the battery and the difference in crank speed was well noticable. Back to your problem, if it took a long time to crank over it always sent the radio into safe mode and switched the fans on, it was like disconnecting the battery due to the strain on it. Throw in a new battery and all will be rosy!!!
You can't judge a battery by voltage, you need a proper battery tester which measures the voltage with the battery under load. You can get 14v from 10 x AA batterys but I think they would struggle to crank an engine!
I'd say any battery giving 12.5v static is pretty poor anyway.....

My battery in the audi reads 12.9v minimum ever, and the super light gel battery in my Mini never reads below 13.1v

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