1.9tdi quattro wont start


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Ok was sat in it and used the android app to post so didnt have too much time to post much info
basically turn key dead would not try to start
plenty of power though jump start did nothing
so we(I) managed to push him to bump start it drove it turned off ign and had to bump again
probably starter motor gone then?

We drove it to Audi and left it there will sort it out tomorrow

bez101 hopefully Audi can tell us if the tyres are flat?


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audi are going to rape u
id get it back and take it to a indy and pay half what audi will charge
sounds like the starter maybe a wire etc
audi wont use sh or recon starter only the ones they supply
and thats where the rape comes into it


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actually this is the one good thing my mate works for audi
so not too bad for him
he helps me alot with my car so i was hoping to get his car going today for him

Thanks for help guys


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It looks like mine is the same. Did you get this sorted?