1. B_Elbon

    New A3 PFL - Recommended Changes

    Hi Guys, I've recently purchased my first ever Audi - a 2016 A3 1.4 TFSI (125bhp) and am loving it so far. Having had a look through the forum I've seen some very impressive modifications that some people have made to their cars - so my question is what changes would you recommend from stock...
  2. A

    Lowering 8v

    I’m looking to lower my 2013 1.4TFSI 8V A3 Sport. I’ve heard that the Sport is lower from factory than the standard SE models. Does anyone know how much by? I’ve heard 5mm and 15mm, I’ve also heard it’s only S-Line that’s lowered and not Sport at all so I’m not sure what to think. I’m looking at...
  3. Sammisano

    New to the Audi game - 8v 3dr

    Hi all, I picked up my A3 last Friday after parting with my MiTo (first car). First impressions are that it’s so comfortable and a real upgrade from the MiTo. Any tips for a new owner?
  4. A

    Lowering springs

    I have an A3 Sport 1.4 TFSI 122 hatchback 8V pfl. I’m looking to buy Eibach Pro lowering springs but I want to make sure I get the right ones as there’s so many variants. Axle loads on my VIN plate are 1- 920kg and 2- 930kg. According to Demon Tweeks, Eibach EIBE10-15-021-01-22 will fit in...
  5. Asahi

    Coolant Leak

    My 2004 Avant 1.9tdi has gradually needed the coolant topped up more frequently to the point now where every few drives the coolant warning light comes on and the expansion tank is empty so I really need to address the cause. Went for a drive in the hopes to create pressure in the system, I...
  6. A

    Spoiler cap

    Hello, I have an A3 8V Sport (not S-Line). I’m looking for a spoiler cap. Many have recommended Maxton’s but it’s for S-Line models only and I can’t find any anywhere for non-S-Line models. I’m wondering if anyone has discovered anywhere that sell them for this model? Or if there are any for...
  7. Foufdog

    For Sale Audi A3 1.8T Sport for sale £1000

    Here for sale is my trusty little A3 2001 Audi A3 1.8 Turbo Sport Dark Metallic Blue Good condition for age and Low mileage for age. Oil and filter change every year Cambelt kit and water pump replaced at 78000 miles New battery New Starter Motor New Brake discs and Pads all round New...
  8. tiktok_78

    For Sale 2013 A3 8V Sportback 2.0tdi, Sport.

    2013 Audi A3 Sportback, 2.0 tdi, Sport. Ice Silver 51,000 miles, Manual 148bhp version Full service history Will be sold with 12 months MOT Private plate Alcantara / leather upholstery Front & rear parking sensors Audi Navigation (SD Card system) Bluetooth / handsfree Subwoofer Climate...
  9. A

    Sunstrip and wipers

    I have an A3 Sport 8v and wanting to install a sunstrip. However I’m worried my wipers will cause problems and I’ve heard I’ll need smaller ones. This may sound stupid, but which wipers would be recommended? Thanks in advance
  10. Christoffer

    Facelift Audi A3 Sport Limousine/Sedan Prestige with Audi Sound System

    Hi, Do anyone know where the subwoofer is mounted in the sedan version of the A3? I have the Audi Sound System. My Audi-dealer couldn't tell me where it's located. I know it was mounted in the rear in the sparewheel on sportsback but it's not in my sedan. Also should I be able to adjust the...
  11. Jwallerr


    Hi there ! I have a Audi a3 1.9TDI from 2009 in black and really want to give it a more sporty feel. I have already looked at TDI box tuning and simple things like air filters but really want to change the look too ! My Main ideas are Black Grill carbon front splitter wind deflectors de...
  12. M

    No placade on Audi a3 for tyre pressure????

    Hello, this is my first forum post I’ve searched through a bunch of existing ones but can’t find the answer I’m looking for. There is no tyre pressure placade on the driver door of my Audi 2013 A3 sportback 1.4 tfsi 22 Sport 17’’ wheels. I’ve seen a bunch of different results for the recommend...
  13. E

    A3 8vs Halogen to led rear lights

    Hi guys Recently bought an A3 saloon sport. Wondering if anyone on here has converted there halogen tailights to pfl led tailights. I've bought some pfl led lights off eBay but the plugs are 4 pin on the car wiring and 5 pin on the led tailights. Does anyone know if there is a harness I can...
  14. tele2050

    Front Passenger Side Window Noise/Squeak

    Good Afternoon to everyone :salute: Lately my front passenger side windows makes a weird squeaky noise every time when closing, no sound when opening. anyone else who has experienced this or any advise on how to fix this please. Last few days i have noticed it to be louder, also i noted that...
  15. T

    US style cup holders

    Could any replace the standard cup holder for A3's (08-12) to the US version? What would the price (parts plus labour) be? I have linked a forum that explain what I am trying to say.
  16. Vampy11

    1.6 TDI Remap - Info needed!

    Hi all, Has anyone on here had a 1.6 TDI remapped? I'm looking into it but I can't seem to find much information from anyone that's had it done... Has anyone had the remap on this particular engine, and if so, is it worth the money? How long have you had it? Have you had any problems with...
  17. Nathan Bailey

    Problem Starting - Hot or Cold

    So let me first put abit of history behind my car. When I bought the car it had the original BXE 105PD engine in it, the injectors went on this and the engine seized due to this so i then replaced it with a ASZ 130PDD engine, I had to do a conversion on the crankshaft sensor as the one from the...
  18. Gerry2many

    DIY custom bumper and splitter project

    Hi guys, saw a few videos on youtube of people customizing their bumpers and splitters and looks pretty do-able so thinking about modifying my existing bumpers and making a splitter/front spoiler from 5mm abs plastic, the bumpers will be cut and sanded down, will use small pieces of metal to...
  19. B

    Audi A3 Sport 2011 Bluetooth Streaming

    Hi guys, My first post (please be nice)... I am looking for some advice on the best way to stream music from my phone to my A3 via Bluetooth... I have a 2011 2.0 Audi A3 Sport with a double din Concert stereo and standard fitted Bluetooth (which will only make/receive calls). I do not have...
  20. M

    Maintained speed on incline?

    I have a 2012 Audi A3 2.0 TDI Sport (Sportback) and I have just got it a week ago. I recently noticed that sometimes, for instance in my car park when I am going up the levels, the car maintains its speed even if I am not pressing the gas pedal and the clutch is disengaged. I usually go up in...