audi a4

  1. L

    218Q vs 272Q: can't decide!!!

    Hi, guys! I am ready to place an order for the A4 B9 but I can't decide between these 2 engines. On the one hand, I read a lot and I think the S-tronic is better as gearbox, but for me 218 hp is a little bit lower than my needs; the perfect power for me would be 240-250 hp. On the other hand...
  2. DieselJake

    In car video footage straight piped BV43 1.9TDI AWX

  3. dokkaudi

    Audi A4 Black Edition or Quattro?

    What is the main difference between a Audi A4 Black Edition or Quattro? Or which one is better?
  4. sonofmusrol

    Phone box / wireless charging package

    Hello, I just had a few questions about the A4's phone box and wireless charging package and was wondering if anyone could help me out. 1) I have an iPhone 7 Plus. It seems in photos that the placemat for the phone in the compartment is relatively small. Does anyone know if the larger iPhones...
  5. A

    Audi A4 2011 Technik - Front Parking Sensors

    Hi, I have had my Audi A4 for 2 months now and I believe the previous owner had the front bumper replaced. I had asked when buying it if the parking sensors worked and he confirmed they did but he never used it. To my knowledge it has never worked since i got it and i started wondering why? Did...
  6. D

    Audi A4 Saloon B9 - Switched Live for Dashcam

    Hi all. I just installed my Transcend DP200 Dashcam into my my 2016 B9 A4 Saloon. It took a lot of trial and error to find a switched live fuse in the passenger footwell as obvious ones like sockets and engine functions were always live but E1(ignition coils, 20A) is a switched live so the...
  7. Toblahoe

    Audi A4 (B7, 2006) Aux Cable

    Hi, I've just bought an A4 (B7, 2006) and I want too add an aux cable so i can use my phone to listen to music, which is the easiest way to do it. I've looked at one of the Enfig adapters (AU2-AUX Dension GW1LAU2) which seem easy enough to add an aux cable, however my car has the Bose speakers...
  8. J4JAV

    New Member - Awaiting A4 Avant Quattro - Finally Left Ingolstadt

    Hey Everyone! Brand new member on here, been reading up on your threads for a little while now whilst waiting for my new A4 Avant to arrive. I placed the order on the 14th Jan 2016, and it has today finally left Ingolstadt after being stuck in quality control for nearly 3 weeks!!! I assume its...
  9. A

    audi a4

    Hi peeps new to this site had bad Couple days rain and water lecked in my audi a4 know iv got no indicators no horn no backlight ad it on vagcom and it's coming up fault control module so too it off and water was dripping out over it tryed drying it out and still not working any help would be...
  10. P

    Audi B8 - Internal Issues

    Hello All, This will be the third year I've had my Audi a4 B8 2010 it’s a brilliant car and all however I've recently had the following issues:- FLOODING! The rear passenger foot well has all of a sudden started to intake water. I had the service done twelve months ago so I would have...
  11. Aarpn Blankson

    Steering wheel conversion

    Anyone on here can help me convert my b7 steering wheel to fit b6? Please i do need your help..