audi a4

  1. emir_soko

    Audi A4 b9 gearbox warning

    Hello, i had an oil change in gearbox two months ago and from that time occasionally I got a warning when I unlock my car on dashboard “p cannot be selected vehicle may roll away apply brake” sometimes it automaticly goes into p, other times I have to press it and sometimes it wont select P...
  2. E

    Audi a4 front right noise

    My car is making a werid noise from the front right side , it’s sounds like a grinding sound ,see video
  3. E

    Help CVT gearbox !!

    I’ve noticed a noise that’s started , I bought the car 2 days ago and started to notice a noise , it has got a binding service break so it could be that. But I have also read that the CVT gearboxes are trash so I hope the noise ain’t coming from that . It’s an Audi A4 b8 2009 , 2.7 V6 with a CVT...
  4. B

    For Sale A4 parts NEED GONE $50/Obo

    A4 parts need gone $50/obo Blower motors, seatbelts, misc
  5. H

    2015 Audi A4 Issue

    Hi guys, just a quick question I have a 2015 Audi A4 and for the past week it's been throwing up lights on the dash when I've been driving, does anyone know what this could be? The lights coming up are ABS Light Traction Control Start/Stop failure Parking Brake Failure Tyre sensors I think...
  6. R

    Component Protection

    Hello, I got a very strange problem and not been able to find an explanation, or anyone else experienced and the same thing and got out of it. I was having a weak battery in my Audi A4 B8, when I decided and remove it for charging at home. The battery was on charge for couple of days outside of...
  7. V

    Automatic gear box oil change???

    Morning, I'm new here so I hope I'm posting this in the correct forum I own a 2015 Audi A4 2.0 S Line automatic with around 70k on the clock, I'm told by Audi that it has a Multitronic gear box Its my first automatic and people tell me I should have the oil changed in the gear box, I can't...
  8. J

    Stereo won't work.

    Hello, I have a 2014 Audi A4 black edition s line.I wanted a aftermarket stereo and I put one in today. After wiring it up the stereo didn't work.I decided just to put the old one back in and try to get some help. The original stereo now won't turn on and the back fuse isn't blown so I have no...
  9. D

    Instrument Cluster replacement in Scotland

    I'm based in Glasgow with a 2007 Audi A4 and due to screen damage, I want to replace my instrument cluster. I already have a used one that I know works but I'm struggling to find a garage or someone that would be able to put in the new one and properly code it in for me. Anybody have any...
  10. MarijZ

    Audi a4 b6 1.9 AVF turbo kick in

    Hello, my turbo has been completely refurbished, because my oil pipe burst… Is it normal for the car for example 4th gear 1400rpm full throttle you can feel a little kick in your seat and the car pick ups fast… i just want to be sure my turbo is working correctly… it pulls all the way to 4000...
  11. 2

    Removing diverter valve sensor

    Not sure if this is the right place to post but if I would remove the diverter valve sensor would it hurt my car? I know very little about cars compared to a car guy. Car: Audi A4 2.0 TDI 190hk Year: 2018 More info: Quattro, automatic. Service/maintenance: Audi Verified Shops only. Video on what...
  12. MarijZ

    Audi a4 2002 stereo upgrade

    Hello everyone, Can someone tell me what i need to install a aftermarket 1 din stereo so everything works? I currently have audi concert with subwoofer in the right side of the boot… (audi a4 b6 avant). Thanks for all the answers.
  13. A

    Would I be a fool to get a manual?

    Some may say that those who love manuals are purists, while others will say they're idiots. I'm absolutely in love with the Audi A4 (Looking to get a relatively new one but not brand new), but i'm also in love with manual cars. I've always thoroughly enjoyed driving, and manual cars enhance...
  14. L

    Metallic rattle

    Hi guys, hoping you can help. I have Audi A4 b9 2018 sline and there’s a loud metallic rattle coming from the steering wheel column down to pedal panel Took it to Audi server all times but can never fix. Any suggestions what it could be?
  15. stackiavelli

    Audi A4 2018 (B9) MMI Reboot Problem (screen reboots while driving randomly)

    I've been having a problem with my Audi 2018 A4. Problem description: Audi MMI system will randomly reboot itself a few minutes (2-3 usually, sometimes longer) into starting the vehicle and driving. The MMI system and the virtual cockpit screen will both go black, audio that is playing...
  16. MarijZ

    Audi A4 B6 Washer sensor retrofit anyone?

    Hello everyone, i've got an A4 2002 with the most basic steering wheel module (no board computer, no bulb failure warning, no screenwash sensor, no cruise control). I've bought a replacement stalk with cruise control and board computer and I was wondering if it's possible to retrofit the...
  17. AudiA4B92016

    Error Code P18CC Gear Selector Fault

    Hi All, Just took delivery of an Audi A4 S Line Ultra 2016 . It's been a couple of days and iv had an error message come up. (Picture Attached) I have driven another A4 since then and realised that the selector shouldn't move left when on park and when driving on manual it should return to...
  18. M

    How to tune-up your Audi A4/S4 b8/b8.5 !!!

    This is what I did to fix some starting up, acceleration, and misfire issues I was having with my 2014 Audi A4 S-line b8. It shows how to change the cam follower, high pressure fuel pump, and spark plugs and coil packs.
  19. Q

    Upgrading a premium to a prestige

    I just bought my first Audi! I have a 2019 Audi A4 premium convenient package. I wanted to install ambient lights into the car since I keep seeing all these ads for it but I don't want wires all over the car leading up to the 12v port. While looking for solutions I came across a video that...
  20. M

    Literally car is "choking". When I'm on intersection and when i need to go, car is like choking

    I need help. I've been to few machanics but they dont know what is the problem.