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  1. W

    Audi A4 Avant Engine Advice needed

    I am new here - I currently own an Aud A2 and its been an amazing little car for me over the years. But I think I am going to be applying for an internal job soon, and have always been a fan of the A4 Avant, and I could do with a bigger car going forward and with this new job i'll be getting a...
  2. Duckman83

    Convenience Key not working

    Hey Everyone, I went though a bunch of posts but didn't find one on the topic, sorry if its a repost. I just bought a 2018 A4 Komfort, its my first Audi and im totally in love with the car. When I stand next to the door with the key in hand or pocket, pulling the handle or covering the lock...
  3. M

    Aftermarket Head Unit in B7 Cab with Bose

    Hi all! I apologise as I know there is other posts about this but there's ALOT of conflicting information and I'm struggling to get a definitive answer to what I want to know. The brand's I'm considering: Erisin (seemingly best value for money) Xtron Dynavin (Only if clearly the best due to...
  4. T

    Help Please 3.0 TDI Fuel Pump

    Hello all, I have a Audi A4 CAPA 3.0 TDI with a CP1H HPFP. For a few months I've been having a small leak on top of the high pressure fuel pump which appears to be coming from the cylinder head. Now I've replaced seals, fuel lines, washers to no avail. I now believe the pump must be cracked...
  5. C

    Audi A4 B5 1996 1.8 to 1.8T engine swap

    Im looking to upgrade my old Audi from a stock 1.8 to a 1.8T. I love the car and the Quattro system is heaven but it is in dire need of so more power. Does any of you guys know what engines will fit? There was a post where somebody said the AEB engine would fit but I don’t know if that holds...
  6. J

    Window stuck in down position

    URGENT!! I'm hoping someone can help me! I have a convertible A4 B6 model and the window is stuck in the down position. I managed to pull it up whilst holding the button and it made a scrape noise. I then lowered it and tried to raise it again and it will only go up About 1/4 of an inch. I've...
  7. J

    Retro fit cruse control!

    Hi, First time posting, just got myself a new to me Audi A4 sport 1.9 PD130! it's almost perfect for what I need, only one thing letting it down, no cruse control! I have seen it can be retro fitted and that's perfect! Only thing I'm not quite accustom to yet is who is best to have it fitted...
  8. L

    Lack of power once hot

    Hi all im new to audi ownership iv recently purchased a 2007 a4 2.0 tfsi quattro with 137k full history mostly audi The car was running cool which has now been sorted by replacing the thermostat I noticed it was a little down on power beforehand but after having the thermostat replaced i have...
  9. C

    Running issues please help

    Hi all, got a audi a4 2004 quattro 3.0 petrol. Basically it's been running like a dog. Missing badly and seems to have a lack of power. Plugged into it to find a fault for camshaft sensors so replaced all of them, still the same so then I replaced crankshaft sensor, still the same! I then bought...
  10. A

    Audi Pre Sense fault

    Hi I have had my Audi A4 Avant very nearly 12 months now and it has been great however this morning driving to work my car just locked up, fortunately i was city driving so was not going very fast and it only actually last a few seconds but enough to put the fear in to me for the rest of the...
  11. M

    How to fix Audi A4/S4 CigaretteLighter!

    Worked for me
  12. Isaacnewton

    Replace headunit Audi A4 1998

    Hey, I've got an Audi A4 B5 1998 1,9 Tdi with an original bose sound system (amplified). I've bought a new headunit to replace the original one (Audi Concert) and a adapter to convert the cables so it works with the Bose soundsystem. After I've installed it the speakers make a pop sound when i...
  13. Luke Buchan

    Sold Audi A4 (B8) 2.0 Tdi S-Line - Performance Diesel Tuned by Darkside Developments (UK)

    For sale is my Audi A4. Im selling as its time to upgrade to a new s4! I purchased the car back in 2014 with 29k on the clock. It now sits at an average 79,000 for its age. Most of this has been motorway mileage due to work commitments. She is my daily driver so will be rising slowly too. This...
  14. P

    For Sale Audi A4 Special Editon S Line Estate 2.0 T 220bhp

    Audi A4 Special Edition S Line Estate 2.0 T Petrol Quality car, fully running, everything working as it should do. No silly modifications, think it could have had a remap as it boosts really well, but no proof of this , could be because it’s the 220BHP top speed model. Four owners from new...
  15. R

    I’m in a dilemma re my 2007 155000 miles Audi A4 s-line special edition Quattro 2.0 turbo B7.

    Hi guys I’m in a dilemma re my 2007 155000 miles Audi A4 s-line special edition Quattro 2.0 turbo B7. Great drivers car in decent good condition overall normal scratch’s small dents stone chips alloys paint worn, no mods on car, leather seats, Xeon lights, Audi navigation plus, six cd changer...
  16. A

    Fuel Injection Problem

    Hello i have Audi A4 B8.5 2012 2.0 Tdi CRL ,with old fuel injectors engine start but i change with new fuel injectors and ENGINE WONT START.. ? How to adaption with VCDS ?
  17. F

    A4 Allroad arrived at dealer

    I decided to post this in the A4 B9 section as the A4 Allroad section is generally very quiet So after a long wait, or so it seemed, of 8 weeks, the new car has arrived. My two daughters and I went for a quick look and play. They were excited and wanted to push and pull everything - the foot...
  18. J

    Steering Wheel Controls-Aftermarket Radio

    Hello forum! I am new here, find the forum randomly and signed up :D Well recently I bought a aftermarket radio to replace the rns-d in my audi a4 avant 1.8 turbo, 2003 model. It comes with the 6disc changer that broke and I took it off and a telephone. Well the multimedia its not a problem that...
  19. V6_Man

    Front ARB Droplinks, Rear Springs and Brakes (discs and pads)

    Car - B7 2.0 Tdi, Sline 140hp CVT Multitronic Right folks, finally changed the DMF on the car, which was causing all the engine rattle at the hot start-up. It is unbelievable how smooth and quite the start-up actually is - feels like a new car now. The start-up problem was reported in this...
  20. Ike

    Audi A4 B9 grille replacement?

    Greetings all, Can anyone point me to or give instructions for replacing the front grille (with minimal fuss!) on a B9 saloon? Unfortunately, some time ago someting flew-up and poked a hole in my current grille and it’s coming-up to lease return time. My local stealer wanted £600 to replace...