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    Sline honeycomb grill & splitter

    Any decent looking splitters for the sline bumpers? & whats best way about making a honey comb grill for the sline bumper?
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    Squealing power steering pump

    What aux belt do i need for ac delete on a 2.0tdi pd170? Used a dayco belt 202772125 off a 1.6 a3 that worked but far too tight. Tia
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    Led headlight error , vcds

    I fitted some led headlights to my a4 b7 , work ok but now i have the left & right Dipped beam error code, how can i remove this with vcds? Thanks
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    Vcds euro light mod

    Does anyone know the coding to get my indicators permanently on via vcds?
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    Rnse reverse camera

    Has Anyone fitted a reverse camera to the rnse head unit?
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    Vcds interface not found!

    Due to cost and lack of using vcds i brought a clone disc and works fine but when i ever i install it on a different laptop i always get the interface not found error. I had someone look at it amd they got it to work. Any ideas? Both work fine once set up. Thanks
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    Yellow oil light

    Is that the breather to the cold inlet? Thats been removed a few times
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    Yellow oil light

    only vac lines fir egr but blanked them
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    Yellow oil light

    2.0 tdi brd pd170 yellow oil light has been coming on now for a while, oil is full every time. Today i took the cap off and the light went off which says to me pressure but the cap didnt blow out my hand or come off with force. Originally i thought it was a dodgy sensor before removing the cap...
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    Ko4 turbo upgrade

    What are signs of a wearing balance shaft?
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    Ko4 turbo upgrade

    My pd170 has gone in for turbo to be reconed with a hybrid billet based on a ko4, bored out inlet etc, i have decat, egr delete, stock intercooler & injectors, swirl flap delete, what sort of power would be achievable after a remap?
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    Sticking turbo vanes. Mr Muscle process advice!

    I get a weird juddering when i put my phone down, asif the car is choking. So removed the swirl flaps thinking it was them closing, but now it does every now n then. With traction off it wont do it. Im going to look at getting a remap next as could be over fuelling and not happy with the power
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    Sticking turbo vanes. Mr Muscle process advice!

    Swapped the intake manifold to a bkd manifold so theres no swirl flaps or actuator there, all the pipes have been traced back and capped Egr valve is gone with a delete kit in place
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    Pd170 brd mod options

    What are signs of a faulty part?
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    Sticking turbo vanes. Mr Muscle process advice!

    Ive taken the manifold off my old bkd and swapped them over, so domt have to worry about swallowing a swirl flap anytime soon how do i go about simplifying the vac lines? Is it a similar set up to the pd130? N75 to actuator, brake servo & air filter? Struggle to find any guides on the brd engines