VW Fox


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I was looking at replacing the Missus' Lupo some time ago and considered the Fox. I'm afraid it is the spawn of the VW cost cutting exercise. It doesn't feel 'quality' with acres of hard plastic yet they want a shed load of cash for the small car. As for the local VW dealer, well thats one for the rants and raves.....
They look like good value to me, although I can't say I've had a good look inside one so can't comment on the trim material.

Take a look HERE


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I've since been in one and I must say that the trim inside is as good as if not better than the mk5 Golf. It shares the Polo Chassis so parts will be cheaper and actually drives well for a car of that money. I think dropped 50mm with a nice set of deep dish rims it'll look pretty sweet too!!!


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Why dont they just buy a nicer, 1 yr old car. From what i remember they're pretty expensive for a car that size, and arent anything special to drive

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