Undertray Fail


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So today driving down my local dual carraiegway doing following the flow of traffics i sudden heard a tapping noise, which increased in tempo and noise as i sped up, initally i feard the worses such as ripped tyre or driveshaft issue, pulled over to the hard should soon as possible, to my amazement nothing. the exterior was clear. look under the bumper i see this

On a further inspected, the middle section of the undertray has snapped off. now i haven't touch the undertray for about a month or two and i've driven at the same speed since and no hint of a cracks or weaking in the Undertray. Luckly the broken part of the undertray didn't damage any vehcile behind me at the time.
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That metal bit isnt standard, looks likes it been glued on to the plastic.
Hmm that is strange then, why would somone go to the effort to glue that on the undertay, it’s not like the car suffers from any cooling issues.


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It came loose ‘cause someone forgot to fit all the screws after servicing. Just buy some new screws and fit it back on, less the the strange plate.


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It came loose ‘cause someone forgot to fit all the screws after servicing.
Yes this is surprisingly common and was a concern of mine when taking my car into the Audi dealer for its first service recently, so I didn't mind when I learned that they suck the oil out rather than draining the sump.


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undertray on my brera used to sag down on one side as it was missing more than half the screws. wouldnt be an issue unless you were on the motorway and the air pressure i guess pulled it down so it scraped the floor. ended up ripping it off and putting it in the bin. useless things.


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I found half a side was no longer able to screw on using the original screws so I made some new holes and bolted it back together. Something that’s a lot easier to do on a ramp!

I don’t have that silver bit in mine mind.