1. xkieron99x

    Undertray Fail

    So today driving down my local dual carraiegway doing following the flow of traffics i sudden heard a tapping noise, which increased in tempo and noise as i sped up, initally i feard the worses such as ripped tyre or driveshaft issue, pulled over to the hard should soon as possible, to my...
  2. 8

    Identify broken cable???

    Morning folks, I was wondering if anybody could help identify this broken cable. This is where the cable comes in to the engine bay. This image shows the cable at the front passenger wheel arch. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Kris
  3. D

    can a backing plate which the mirror is clipped in to be replaced in a wing mirror

    can a backing plate which the mirror is clipped in to be replaced in a wing mirror? Someone ripped the glass out of my wing mirror on my a3 last night and stole the back casing aswell but they have snapped the clips off of the back plate as they’ve ripped the glass out, is it posssible to...
  4. J

    rear number plate screws have broken in the process of trying to take them off

    Hi all. I decided to update my number plates as old ones were in really bad condition. I managed to unscrew the front number plate off, however the rear number plate screw/bolts were in really bad condition and just wouldnt budge, so i decided to try and pluck them out i managed to do that and...
  5. TDubYa

    Sticky Buttons (MMI)

    2016, picked up a few weeks ago. I took the car into the local Audi dealer for a couple of minor issues. The car is still under warranty so it made sense. One of them was the central dial wasn't sitting correctly. Unfortunately, as they were inspecting the unit, they found that the previous...
  6. AdamT96

    My Lights keep going out!

    Hey guys I'm no expert on this kind of thing so I'm hoping I can get some help. A week or two ago a few of my exterior lights went out. It was mainly the right side of my car. Right Headlight, Right fog Light, Right fullbeam, both rear licence plate lights, Reverse light, left rear indicator and...
  7. M

    A3 2004 Radio Removal

    Hello, This is my first post. I have recently bought my first car, it’s an A3 2004 (54 plate) 2.0tdi 8p1. When I got the car it stank of smoke, was filthy inside and out therefore I decided to clean it. I removed the front seats and hoovered everything, used a carpet cleaner to clean all the...
  8. M

    Anyone got any ideas what could be wrong with my stupid car?

    Any help with ideas of things to look into before I torch it and buy something else :) Audi A3 2.0 TDI 2005 BKD About once a week my car will not start it turns over but won't fire up, I let it sit for a day or two and then try again and it will start up. This problem is starting to get...
  9. Y


    Hi all im hoping someone can help me my cam belt idler pulley has snapped in the engine i tryes drilling it out no luck then tryed bolt extractor which also snapped off Anyknow the diameter of the double threaded bolt and would my cambelt break if i did not use the idler puller tensioner is...
  10. T

    2011 A6 MMI screen damaged by dash pls

    I had my car valeted 4 weeks ago and the valeter somehow managed to get some dash cleaner inside the MMI display screen; now it's just a series of coloured lines, but does change/respond when you use the controls. You can actually see the liquid behind the screen because when you wipe it, you...
  11. Dylan Johnson

    New to VCDS, Fear of coding to car?

    So theres a few "tweaks" id like to do to my car but i've read some horror stories about people whos coding have failed or they coded the wrong thing... I'm not bothered about accidently coding the wrong thing because I would triple check everything just what if the coding fails? Lets say for...
  12. Conn99

    Audi A3 symphony stereo not working, please help!

    Hi, I own a 2009 a3 with the symphony head unit with BOSE speakers . The stereo (when turning on the ignition/starting the car or manually pressing the power button on the head unit) only powered on sometimes it was a gamble on wether it could come on and turning on/off the ignition to try and...
  13. M

    sat nav button/cursor broken

    Hi this has come off, how can i put it back on properly, it wont rotate properly when i attach it back so I cant change tracks properly etc. Thanks.
  14. LanceG

    !!!HELP!!! WHATS MY OPTIONS?!?!?! Garage broken car

    HEy all! I'll try to keep this long story as simple/short as possible. Had a car (Audi A3) - Was broken (Rocker arms) but running - Took it to Audi, they said 3k (Can't afford thattttttt) - Took it to garage (Somewhere in Walton) 2 weeks went pass they told me to collect... paid £350 and it...
  15. Lauster23

    Unable to play iPhone music via MMI

    Hello, Not long have I had my new A3 and it's been perfect....up until today of course. I'm having problems with my MMI. So I try to connect my iPhone like normal (via cable and Bluetooth) but even though it says it's connected it will be stuck "loading" on the MMI screen. I wait a couple of...