Tyre size help please

okay so I have just got some 19inch Audi rotor wheels on my car they are 8.5 wide and et43 and currently have 255/35/19 tyres on.
Not because my S3 FL is lowered it’s scrubbing when I go over bumps or dips etc
Could I get away with maybe a 235 or245 tyre without it looking like Iv stretched them


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Ideal size for 8.5" rim is 235 or 245. I would go 235/35/19 for cost reasons and ease of supply/replacement.
Also note the Audi 19" S3 standard alloy rim is 19 x 8 and your rim is ET 43 which will make the rim extend further towards the outside of the vehicle over the standard ET which if my memory is correct is 48 or 49
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My 19" Rotors are et45 so your will stick out further, I'm running 235/35/19's


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