1. Rayner_1704

    Tyre size help please

    okay so I have just got some 19inch Audi rotor wheels on my car they are 8.5 wide and et43 and currently have 255/35/19 tyres on. Not because my S3 FL is lowered it’s scrubbing when I go over bumps or dips etc Could I get away with maybe a 235 or245 tyre without it looking like Iv stretched...
  2. Rayner_1704

    Facelift Wheel off set help

    hi everyone as the title says I need some advice with wheel off set, over got a 2017 sport back S3 and I'm wanting to replace the alloys with 19" Audi rotors from an A5/TTRS as they have more concave. The ones I have seen are 19x8.5. Et 25 Will it be possible to fit these? I'm also lowered...