tyre choice

  1. Greg B

    2020 Tyre Dilemma 245/35 r19

    I would love to hear from others about their tyres experience. I have read most of the tyre related treads here but still cant get a clear picture of which tire I should go for. My car: 2.0 TDI quattro (stock 190 hp) 55k miles S-line suspension , no adjustable shock absorbers 19 inch wheels...
  2. Rayner_1704

    Sportback Help needed with tyre sizes

    looking to get some new alloys and a friend is selling his brand new alloys as he’s decided to sell up. His car is rwd and the tyres on it are 35 profile front but 30 profile on rear, I assume this would cause problems on the rs3 with it been 4wd ? Thanks
  3. kieran-S3


    Due for some new tyres on my S3 looking at the Michelin PS4 as an all year tyre? can anyone recommend anything else? thanks
  4. Aden

    Tyre choices - Michelin or Conti?

    Needing a set of new tyres for my 2008 S5, 255 35 R19. After much deliberation I have narrowed it down to two options which I can get for around the £130 mark per corner - Michelin Pilot Sport 4 or Continental SportContact 6. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with them. All online...
  5. Rayner_1704

    Tyre size help please

    okay so I have just got some 19inch Audi rotor wheels on my car they are 8.5 wide and et43 and currently have 255/35/19 tyres on. Not because my S3 FL is lowered it’s scrubbing when I go over bumps or dips etc Could I get away with maybe a 235 or245 tyre without it looking like Iv stretched...
  6. far2tall

    Tyres - What brand and why you like them?

    Just interested to see what other folk are running on their Avants. 255/35/19 reccomendations or opinions please. I'm currently on Kumho Ecsta Le Sport but wondering g if it's worth the extra pennies for something a bit more expensive. Personally I've always found them to be ok - very grippy...
  7. DieselJake

    2 Good Tyres or 4 Average Tyres

    The slip in my wheels is getting a little unbearable (noticed yesterday it's got three miss matched budgets and one Michelin which is low on tread! Shocking!). The wheel's are 19's (235/35/19) so with the nightmare cost I don't want to go wrong with the purchase. Should I pick up: 2x...
  8. Ramayya

    If you had to run one tyre throughout the year which would it be..

    Hello people, As per the title, what tyre would you run?