this is what im getting next!


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Good choice, I like that alot! Supercharging sounds great, just cost serious bucks!

I not sure I would go straight for the MTM RS4, I think I would get the RS4 first well that's at least is my plan! :)


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Its nice, but you'd be wanting to say bye bye to the latest lambos etc, an that just wouldnt, its only just over 100bhp for all that effort, id be wanting more..... although maybe im greedy


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That's it, I'm selling the house, going to live on a trailer park!!


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I think I've just done a sex wee...


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Kiteyboy said:
Now if I can only get the Mrs to make that noise.....

What, whine? Thought all wives did that anyway?

Just joking ladies of the forum...:eyebrows:


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I'd need a tweaked rs4 now as I reckon a nice BT s3 is about as quick as a stock one..! !sort of spoiled me now, I will have to spend crazy cash to go faster now! :)