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Steering Wheel Controls-Aftermarket Radio

John Pagios Nov 26, 2017

  1. John Pagios

    John Pagios New Member

    Hello forum! I am new here, find the forum randomly and signed up :D Well recently I bought a aftermarket radio to replace the rns-d in my audi a4 avant 1.8 turbo, 2003 model. It comes with the 6disc changer that broke and I took it off and a telephone. Well the multimedia its not a problem that does not work as I do not use them. But the control on steering wheel is very confortable to use and unfortunatelly not working. The head unit comes with a Key 1 and Key 2 cables. But I cannot find the switches cable coming from the car. My multimeter broken so I tried to find a switched voltage with a bulb but nothing. Maybe did something wrong, I do not know. In my communication with the radio company, told me that maybe it's a canbus setting from the radio, I need to choose my model. Well it is hard to understand what to do, cause I dont really know what's the canbus role. Any help much appriciated. And sorry for my bad English. Thank you

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