1. L


    I’ve got a 2010 a3 with Audi concert. I bought a Bluetooth module to fit the back of the head unit to act as a CD changer, but works via bluetooth. I had to remove the 12 pin blue adapter which was located where the white adapter is now (as pictured), next to the green adapter to fit the...
  2. J

    Stereo won't work.

    Hello, I have a 2014 Audi A4 black edition s line.I wanted a aftermarket stereo and I put one in today. After wiring it up the stereo didn't work.I decided just to put the old one back in and try to get some help. The original stereo now won't turn on and the back fuse isn't blown so I have no...
  3. G

    Replacing the factory radio with a touch screen

    Hello. I want to replace the factory radio (see picture below) with a touch screen. I'm not sure whether I can attach a touch screen to the preexisting radio (which also includes a cd player in the glove box, which I want to remove to make space) or I should remove the whole audio system. Anyone...
  4. FPSUsername

    Radio IF Output to Antenna Amplifier error

    Hello, I've been working to clear all issues with the vehicle and I'm left with one error (00858 short to ground) that pops up under 37-Navigation and 56-Radio. The car originally came with the Audi Concert ii+ radio and has been converted to the gen 1 RNS-E by the previous owner (I assume...
  5. C

    MIB2 upgrade advice

    Hello all, im looking at upgrading my Prefacelift a3(2014) and installing an MIB2 system so i have car play and much more, i simply don't have the 1200£+ most places are asking is there any problem with by pre owned one on ebay and installing them? are they locked to that car ect all help is...
  6. Jord_C

    DAB Radio Station Loss

    Gents, Nearly a year ago now, one morning I just lost multiple DAB radio stations in my car. I've scanned for new channels and its not re-found them - no matter where in the county I am, the signal strength locally hasn't changed, as my other Audi hasn't lost the stations! I'm wondering is...
  7. Scarecrow

    Standard Speaker to Replace Bose Speaker?

    I've got factory BOSE in my TQS and both front speakers are crackling. From what I've seen it's a bit of a pain to install aftermarket speakers. I don't mind sourcing a set of BOSE Speakers but I was just wondering if the standard speakers would fit/work with the BOSE setup?
  8. P.C.K

    [A3 8P] Upgrading the factory radio and have some general questions.

    Hey guys. I am going to be upgrading the factory radio very soon. The most likely candidate is the Alpine CDE-W296BT. I'll be defeaning the doors and the boot with some felt too. Keep in mind I am extremely green on the whole car stereo business. The car in question is an 5 door 2010 S-line...
  9. B_Elbon

    MIB Quadlock pins

    Managed to break the pins on the MIB unit within the quadlock on the back when trying to install car play retrofit. Is that the end for that unit or can I take the back part off to replace the broken pins? The infotainment won’t power up at all....
  10. Scarecrow

    Cassette Box Holder

    Hello, Does anyone have any pictures of the cassette box holder for the A4 B5? I'm trying to figure out if I need to buy a new centre console if I were to buy a cassette box holder. I don't have the can holders, I just have a small cubbyhole. Also, anyone have the part no.? Cheers
  11. N

    Mysterious volume level control

    I have an issue with my volunteer while using a aftermarket pioneer SPH DA230DAB radio ( Volume issue happened with previous aftermarket radio). The volume seems to increase and decrease based in speed often when my volume is level 5 or below. The volume would be fine as I'm driving but as I...
  12. Y

    Radio conversion

    I bought a ****** android radio for my A3 8p and the convection is just loose wires so I thought I should wire it to a iso adapter which I haven’t done yet and then I realised that the Audi has a weird quad lock converter and I can’t find any adapters for my car to an iso. Any help would be...
  13. K

    Rear speakers wont work after new Head unit

    Hey, my rear speakers wont work after i installed new head unit. My car is non-bose/half-amplified will this adapter fix the issue?
  14. O

    Poor Radio Reception...

    Hi folks, Just joined to Audi family with an A6 C7 2.0 TDI 190 S-Tronic Ultra 2016 with 30k on the clock. Very proud to have it and absolutely loving it. The only issue so far is the radio reception. Its RMC installed I believe. My previous cars has no problem at all in the area i live and...
  15. Womble Enthusiast

    Possible to have 6 Disc Changer + AUX Connection?

    Hi all, new to the website and forums in general. Been doing some searching online and haven't been able to find a way to have both the 6 Disc Changer and AUX cable (for phone audio). Going without one or the other would be a bit of a sad compromise. Cheers! Audi A4 B7, S Line, Bose Sound...
  16. A

    Audi MMI unit help - No Bluetooth connection

    I've recently bought myself a S3 8P (59 plate) and I am loving the car. only a small niggle that I would like to rectify... The car has a genuine Audi MMI unit fitted although I think it is a later addition to the car. The navigation and radio both work perfectly. I would also like to use the...
  17. yoyobang

    Upgrading radio

    Hello! I want to upgrade my Audi A3 concert radio to RNS-E. Can someone tell me if you need to do something else (wires, aerial ...) beside changing it, or you can just unlpug old one, and put in new one? Someone told me that additional wires and changes are required. Thanks
  18. Luke_253

    Audi A1 MMI Coding - Replacement

    Hi, I’ve just replaced my radio unit as the middle main button had broken off, upon replacing it there’s a message which says ‘Component Protection’ and I’m not able to use my radio. I’ve had a look around and found that the new radio will need to be coded in. Is there anyone in the South...
  19. AudiEmil

    Headunit 1-DIN to 2-DIN conversion

    You have probably been asked this a 100 times, but all threads i can find on this topic is years old, and therefore i think its a better to start a new thread on the subject. I wish to convert my radio/head unit, as seen in the included picture from the current, ugly aftermarket 1-DIN radio, to...
  20. 0

    Aftermarket Radio Head Unit won't power up

    Hello everyone, I have checked other threads and watched as many youtube tutorials as I could find and was still unable to find the help I need. I recently bought an 01/2003 Audi A3 8l, which sadly only had a cassette player in it, of course I wanted to upgrade to one with at least a...